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On The Agenda – EPPO: What can we (really) expect?


10 Jun 2021 14:00




Euro & Finance

Event Description

The launch of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) on 1 June was welcomed with open arms by most Europeans. While not everyone is happy with this new independent body, it will offer the EU more tools to fight against fraud, corruption and serious cross-border VAT fraud. Before EPPO, only national authorities could investigate and prosecute fraud against the EU budget, but national borders were blocking them from using their powers in another member state. But does EPPO have enough teeth and support to complete its mission successfully?

While we might have to wait some time before we see any concrete results, the premise of the Luxembourg-based prosecution office is clear. Will this independent EU prosecutor be enough to deter individuals and organisations from committing crimes against the EU budget? Will it face more “hiccoughs” along it’s the way, similar to the case of Slovenia? Or will it become an indispensable tool in the EU’s arsenal to fight cross-border crime? As events unfold, ELF is offering an open space to assess new developments and keep the discussion going.

Speakers include:

Ramona Strugariu, MEP, Renew Europe


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