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Bringing Paris Home: Net-Zero Emissions in the EU


24 May 2018 15:00


Concert Noble, Rue d'Arlon 2
1000  Brussels

Event Type

L - Conference, forum


Climate & Environment

Event Description

As discussions about the EU's mid-century decarbonisation strategy gather pace, the European Climate Foundation is pleased to invite you to an afternoon conference to explore what delivering the Paris Agreement means for Europe.
The event seeks to help ensure the 2050 discussion gets off on the right footing, with political leadership, due respect for scientific evidence, leading edge systems understanding, transparency and public debate. It will feature the launch and demonstration of our open-source 2050 Roadmap Tool, developed by Climact in consultation with many expert partners. 
Speakers include: 
Laurence Tubiana
President and CEO, European Climate Foundation and France Climate Change Ambassador/Special Representative for COP21
Mauro Petriccione 
Director General for Climate Action, European Commission
Eva Svedling
State Secretary to the Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, Sweden 
Julien Pestiaux
Partner, Climact
Laura Buffet 
Clean Fuels Manager, Transport & Environment
Bert Metz
Former IPCC Working group III co-chair and Fellow at the European Climate Foundation
Moderated by: 
Tom Brookes 
Executive Director, Strategic Communications, European Climate Foundation
The 2050 Roadmap Tool is an economy-wide, open-source modelling tool which we hope will contribute to understanding and debate about the possible pathways, trade-offs and implications of transitioning to a Paris-compatible economy. It can address questions such as:
- What are the different pathways leading to net-zero emissions?
- What are the key short-term decisions/actions to be made to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest?
- What are the implications of choices made in one sector for others?
- What roles can technological and behavioural changes play?
We look forward to seeing you at the launch and welcome your questions and input to this important debate. You are warmly invited to join us for a cocktail after the conference.