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CBRN: AN INVISIBLE RISK Is Europe Sufficiently Prepared?


07 Mar 2018 15:00


European Parliament
Paul Henri Spaak (PHS) building
Ixelles  Brussels



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Amidst increased geopolitical tensions, there has been growing concern that terrorist groups, lone wolves or rogue nations might use biological weapons, or any type of CBRN weapon. International reports and studies provide good reason to believe that threats from a deliberate use of CBRN weapons are no longer inconceivable: international counter-terrorism experts consider a possible CBRN weapon attack possible.

Countries in Europe are gradually raising their level of preparedness for the possible event of a CBRN incident that could become a national security problem. The European Commission released in October 2017 its Action Plan to enhance preparedness against CBRN security risks as part of its comprehensive anti-terrorism package.

Sufficient and timely preparedness are essential and should be considered a high priority for the European Union. Europe can improve its coordination and learn best practices from international organisations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and past experiences in the United States of America.

This seminar provides a platform for a timely discussion and opportunity to exchange views between MEPs, European and international experts and relevant stakeholders, with the aim of taking further European political actions and raise awareness inside the EU institutions and beyond. And hopefully it can work out a satisfactory answer to the main question: is Europe sufficiently prepared?


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