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Contract Management - Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)


14 Oct 2013 22:00



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M - Seminar, presentation

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Federations / Associations


Public Affairs

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Target group
The workshop is intended for officials from national, sub-national and local authorities and other public bodies from the EU Member States and candidate countries and from EU institutions and agencies responsible for the management of PPP and other complex public procurement contracts awarded by their public body. It should also be of interest to private sector providers, professional advisers and academics.

Value for money in PPP and complex public procurement contracts starts with effectively applying a transparent and competitive procurement process to achieve value for money in the procurement phase. But, following the procurement phase, effective contract management is also needed to ensure that procured value for money becomes realised value for money in the contract execution phase. Because procurement processes for PPP and complex public procurement contracts are often lengthy and resource intensive for a public authority and conducted to tight deadlines, it is very easy for the pressures of the procurement process and sense of achievement at selecting a partner to lead to neglect of the contract management process. Good planning and selection can thus be undermined by lack of attention to contract management. This workshop will focus on what to do to create an effective contract management framework for PPP and complex public procurement contracts and how to implement it in practice.

Learning methodology
The workshop will be based on presentations and discussions, with an emphasis on a high level of interactivity. Most importantly, the workshop will offer an excellent platform to exchange experiences and concerns in dealing with how to manage PPP and other complex public procurement contracts.

At the end of the workshop you will go away with a better understanding of:
• what a public authority should do during the contract award phase to create the conditions for effective contract management during the contract execution phase;
• what structures and processes a public authority should create to implement effective contract management in the contract execution phase;
• what resources, powers and skills are needed in the contract management team;
• the key features of effective contract management for PPP and other complex public procurement contracts and how they should be applied in practice.


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