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Cybersecurity Policies and Practices in the EU – for non-IT Experts (Full Course)


12 Apr 2021 to 15 Apr 2021





Event Description

This 2-day training focuses on the policy aspects of cybersecurity, covering cybersecurity standards in the EU, adopting them, and putting them into practice.

Over the past decades, Internet and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have profoundly impacted our daily lives, becoming an integral part of our institutional and social fabric. The supply of critical services across many sectors, including emergency and security services, health, water and food, energy and electricity, banking and finance, commerce, transportation, communications, and education, is now heavily reliant on ICTs. Our reliance on the internet and digital technologies makes us more vulnerable to new threats, including cybersecurity attacks. These threats put the provision of critical services and the EU’s economies at-risk, and ultimately compromise the security and fundamental rights of EU citizens.

Breaches of information security are a major threat to our society’s functioning, jeopardizing public services, businesses, and the economy. Under the EU regulatory framework (e.g., GDPR, NIS, Cybersecurity Act), our cybersecurity risks need to be evaluated. Also, security controls need to be implemented in the Information Systems of our infrastructures, where all procedures, personal data, people, and objects are stored and exchanged securely. To plan and implement efficient security policies and comply with the EU regulations: public authorities, organizations and professionals need to raise their cybersecurity awareness and fully develop the necessary skills. Professionals need to be aware of the various cybersecurity standards (e.g., ISO27001, ISO 27005, ISO 28000, ISO15408) and procedures that can help them become compliant with the EU regulations and protect their daily work, organization, and sector.

This unique programme brings together the experience of cybersecurity, security, EU policy, and public administration experts to provide a practical understanding of the challenges related to designing and implementing cyber-proof policies within organizations and sectors. The training is designed specifically for non-IT professionals, to provide participants with the knowledge and skillset necessary to confidently deal with cybersecurity measures within their sectors and organizations.

What is our approach to online teaching and learning?

The delivery of our online training programmes is planned following the input of our online pedagogy specialists to provide you with high quality and an effective educational experience. In this online training, we adopt a comprehensive approach, combining an in-depth overview of the legislative and policy-considerations to be considered when formulating cyber-resilient measures and practical training. We will provide practical guidelines, use case studies, good practices, and hands-on simulation exercises to allow you to understand, design, adopt, and implement good cybersecurity measures in your work, organization, and sector. After this training, you will be able to use all the materials and practical exercises for your work. Whether you are a policymaker, interested in incorporating cyber resilience in your policies, or a professional who wants to make his/her work and organization safer, this training is designed for you.

This online course’s programme is divided into two self-standing and interconnected modules. Module 1 focuses on The issue of cybersecurity: European challenges and standards and Security Management and People. Module 2 focuses on Cybersecurity in practice. If you prefer to attend just one of the modules, you can click on Module 1 or Module 2.