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ERA: The 4th and Upcoming 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives


16 Nov 2017 to 17 Nov 2017



Event Type

M - Seminar, presentation


Euro & Finance

Event Location


Event Description

Practical impact of the new EU anti-money laundering framework


Language: English

Organiser: ERA (Cornelia Riehle)

Event number: 317D93


This seminar will explain the current European anti-money laundering landscape and focus on the challenges and changes arising from the transposition of the fourth Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive as well as the novelties brought by the upcoming fifth Directive.

Key topics


  • The latest AML/FATF trends
  • Practical changes for the financial sector in the 4th and upcoming 5th AML Directives
  • Innovations regarding due diligence on customers
  • Challenges related to beneficial ownership information
  • Novelties regarding politically exposed persons (PEP)
  • Risk assessment and its technological dimension
  • The EU Supranational Risk Assessment Report
  • The Commission’s roadmap regarding a new methodology to assess high-risk third countries
  • Building effective transaction monitoring
  • Virtual currencies 
  • Tackling terrorism financing
  • The European Commission’s anti-tax-avoidance packageSpeakers

    Tereza Bábová, Financial Analytical Office, Prague 
    Liviu Chirita, Director, Advisory Services, Financial Crime, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Prague 
    Vaitiare Constantin, Compliance Officer, Office of the Chief Compliance Officer (OCCO), European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
    Joanna Grynfelder, Forum Compliance, Warsaw
    David N. Kirk, Partner, McGuireWoods, London 
    Simon Ousager*, Account Executive, Chainalysis Inc, Copenhagen
    Sophie Rase, Compliance Officer, Office of the Chief Compliance Officer (OCCO), European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
    Iva Zamarian, Legislative Officer, Financial Crime Unit, DG Justice and Consumers, European Commission, Brussels

    What participants liked last year

    ...very impressive presentations

    ...the speakers were of  a very high caliber

    ...organisation during the event was excellent

    ...various topics covered and well-informed speakers