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EU Flu Day 2023 – Empowering HCPs for everyone's protection


11 Oct 2023 16:30 to 18:00


  European Parliament and online

Event Description

The annual EU Flu Day event aims to raise awareness on the need to increase influenza vaccine uptake in the EU. This fourth annual edition, hosted by MEP István Ujhelyi at the European Parliament, puts a particular focus on how to support doctors, nurses and pharmacists in their important work, as healthcare professionals (HCPs) are a key link in healthcare systems and play an essential role in vaccine delivery and confidence.

In light of this, the Steering Group on Influenza Vaccination will present a set of actionable Policy Recommendations on the event day, outlining how European and national policymakers can empower healthcare professionals for everyone's protection.

Join us for EU Flu Day 2023 to boost your knowledge and contribute to making Europeans safer from influenza by registering for the event either in person or online!


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