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The EU Green Deal and its Implementation


25 Nov 2021 to 26 Nov 2021




Climate & Environment

Event Description

Why attend our Green Deal conference in November 2021?

Climate change mitigation and the EU Green Deal will be the central topic for the EU for years to come.

COP 26 shows clearly how important the EU’s contribution to mitigating climate change is: a major historical contributor to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it has the opportunity now to reverse this trend of ever more emissions, including by providing a model and the means for other parts of the world to leapfrog the carbon age. 

All of this raises major issues and themes for  discussion, including:

Understanding the Origins of the Green Deal Approach, first implementation measures and the multi-level framework for Green Deal implementation;  Issues of EU Funding and the Assessment of State aid and EU Competition Law;  Potential Legal Instruments for implementation, including technical standardisation, criminal law sanctions and market-based measures, such as tax incentives or the future extension of emission trading to consumers;  Education and Awareness-Raising to influence entrepreneurial orientation; the External Dimension of the Green Deal, a potential New Green Hegemony and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism; Social Aspects that presently create obstacles for green economic transition; the challenge of Climate Rights Enforcement, in view of  traditional restrictive interpretations of individual rights, causation and legal standing; issues arising in specific sectors,  including Energy, Transport, Tourism, Public Procurement, Urban Planning and Migration. The Conference’s Student Panel will further consider and discuss the fundamentals of the Green Deal.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Lydia Scholz and Prof. Dr. Christiane Trüe LL.M. (

The Green Deal online conference will cover all of the above, and seek to identify and suggest best practices and solutions. In the process, we will hear from experts from academia, legal practice, government and civil service, civil society and interest groups.

Join us on 25/26th November online!


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