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Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan: Why We Need It Now


10 Feb 2021 08:30




Health & Consumers

Event Description

“Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan” sounds like something that should be around already. With the Europeans carrying 25% of the global population’s cancer burden, a coherent strategy tackling cancer incidence and mortality in Europe is only consequential. Or is it?

Cancer treatment remains a personal and often local matter, and different perspectives exist across Europe on access to cancer care, budgets, and spending. These are reflected in different public health systems and policies at the level of EU member states. Cancer control activities vary greatly within Europe as do the outcomes of cancer care.

Considering high European ambitions, persisting interests in member states, and local sensitivities: What can we expect from Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan? How can it become a success and more than just yet another document?

The debate, started at the European Cancer Forum, continues with a new webinar in the series Issues in Cancer Care – The Early Bird Debate.

One issue, two speakers, two opinions, register now for the next webinar “Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan: Why We Need It Now” on 10 February 2021, from 8:30 AM to hear from:

Matthias Schuppe

European Commission, DG Santé, Project Team Leader for Cancer

Bengt Jönsson

Professor Emeritus of Health Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics

Moderated by:

Duane Schulthess

Managing Director, Vital Transformation