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Europe vs. the rest: a change of perspective?


26 Feb 2016 11:15

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EU Priorities 2020
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AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum invites you to the European Planning Meeting 2016 taking place in Leiden, the Netherlands. The EPM is the biggest annual thematic conference of AEGEE-Europe, which this year will be dedicated to the current refugee crisis and the several challenges posing to European integration, under the title ‘Europe vs. the rest: a change of perspective?’.
The event includes several speakers, including MEP Kati Piri (S&D) and Yves Pascouau, Director of Migration and Mobility Policies of the European Policy Center, and will give voice to the perspective of refugees, through speeches by asylum seekers in the Netherlands.
Two panel discussions will be taking place in the 26th and 27th of February:
Debate - ‘Europe vs. the rest: do we need the others to define ourselves?’
26th February 2016 - 11:30 - 13:30
The building of fences amid the refugee crisis has not only brought in physical borders, but also mental ones. The panel discussion aims to reflect on the meaning of considering ourselves as European citizens and how it affects the relations of Europe to the rest of the world, especially the refugees who want to come to Europe. How can the reactions of different European countries be understood, in regards to the ‘other’? Are we building a ‘fortress Europe’ also in terms of European identity and values? 
Panel discussion - ‘Finding solutions to the current migration challenges - is there still space for solidarity in Europe?’
27th February 2016 - 09:00 - 11:00
The aim of the panel is to provide a space for reflection on the consequences that the current migration crisis in several levels; from the perspective of European identity and values, of freedom of movement, of human rights, and economy and growth. We will reflect on three questions: 1) is there still space for solidarity in Europe?, 2) how can the situation look like in the future?, and 3) will the current migration influx bring a change of perspective in the current European values?
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