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European Gender Summit


28 Nov 2012 23:00 to 29 Nov 2012 23:00


European Parliament

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L - Conference, forum

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Federations / Associations


Innovation & Enterprise

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The 2012 European Gender Summit will join the excellence and equality agendas in science, as a strategic approach for enhancing full realization of the research and innovation potential in Europe.
The timing of the 2012 EGS is important because right now policy makers at EU and national levels are deciding on the future of the European research and innovation landscape, and on the implementation details of the key initiatives, namely HORIZON 2020, European Research Area, and Innovation Union
By participating in and contributing to the Gender Summit you will: 
  • Through your knowledge as a scientist, decision maker, educator, policy maker, or practitioner,  help IDENTIFY the best and most realistic solutions for integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation
  • EXCHANGE ideas and views with top-level leaders in science and in public policy on the opportunities for advancing the gender dimension in HORIZON 2020 and in other policy initiatives 
  • LEARN from leading science institutions about the practical measures that they have already developed to advance gender equality in research and in higher education 
  • LEARN from the researchers themselves about new discoveries and a better understanding of the role of the gender dimension in many different areas of study, and how these findings can lead to new ideas and new markets for science knowledge 
  • Through discussion with other participants and consultation with the Summit’s on-line community, help ENRICH the advocacy strategy for excellence science by ensuring that it is sensitive to gender equality issues and to the needs and concerns of society.


BRAK - Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer
Assistenz (m/w/d)
Forum CTEP GmbH
Debate Editor (f/m/d)
Intercultural Dialogue Platform
Videography & Media Intern (Paid Internship)
Intercultural Dialogue Platform
Social Media & Graphics Intern (Paid Internship)
Researcher position in Communication Technologies Division - SMARTECH Department
One Policy Place (OPP)
Policy Analyst - EU Finance Policy
INEA - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
PROJECT OFFICER Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation - Transport
Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly
EU support officer