EuSalt General Assembly 2017 - "Going beyond the salt shaker"


27 Jun 2017


Sofitel Hotel
Place Jourdan 1
1040  Brussels

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L - Conference, forum


Agriculture & Food
Climate & Environment

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EuSalt is pleased to invite you to its conference 'Going beyond the salt shaker’ which will take place on 27 June 2017, in Brussels. 



Whether we are talking about nutrition and health or circular economy, we are dealing not only with policy issues, but deep imperatives to transform our societies, i.e. change the way we are living, our behaviours, as well as the way we produce and consume. 

The European Union is set on achieving such economic and societal transformations, for which innovation is key. Innovation is essential for industry's competitiveness; and policies give direction to the innovative potential. How do we make sure the two combine? Do we speak the same language that allows policy support to sustainable, effective, and feasible innovation?

The conference will be divided into two sessions:

  • Session 1: Nutrition and Health post-2020 
  • Session 2: Innovation for a Circular Economy






27 June 2017, from 09.00 to 17.30


Sofitel Hotel, Place Jourdan 1, 1040 Brussels



For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Wouter Lox
+32 (0)2 401 6133



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EUFIC Food & Health Projects Manager
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