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‘Future-Proofing’ the EU: A Centre Right Perspective


22 Sep 2021 14:00 to 15:30


Hotel Westin Excelsior
  Rome  Roma


Global Europe

Event Description

The event will be livestreamed here and on Facebook.

Over the last decade, Europe has experienced a ‘polycrisis’ that put the project of further continental integration under serious strain. Long-term economic and ecological crises have been compounded by massive migration waves, terrorist attacks, the return of great power competition in our Southern and Eastern Neighbourhoods, a devastating global pandemic, and unprecedented technological and cultural changes. Moreover, a confidence crisis has gripped our democracies and fed into Eurosceptic trends in many EU countries.

‘Future-proofing’ is the process of anticipating future events and developing methods of minimising the shocks that they are likely to produce. Today, this requires an ambitious agenda of national and EU reforms to ensure the security, prosperity, and resilience of our communities. For the centre-right, this means an EU where strong common institutions coexist with vigorous member states, where national and regional identities are respected based on subsidiarity, and where a low-tax, open economic model fosters competition and innovation.

Where is Europe headed to in the 2020s? How can we build a ‘future-proofed’ EU that is resilient to crises?



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