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GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum


06 Jun 2019 to 08 Jun 2019


Grand Hotel River Park
Dvorakovo Nabrezie 6
81102  Bratislava



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Event Description

The 14th edition of GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum aspires to look beyond the current grim picture of the state of international affairs and the disruptive narratives engulfing our societies.

We need to rediscover our values. We will search for ways to achieve this goal within five streams of key topics shaping our future – European integration, defence and security in the transatlantic sphere, technology as a benefactor and a threat, sustainable societies and, finally, challenges to democracy and liberal order.

Defence and Security

Is Europe´s quest for defence autonomy a source of cure or a symptom of disease for the Alliance? Is there enough momentum to move forward stalemates in Ukraine, South Caucasus to improve relations with Russia? Do we need new tools for crisis prevention and peace building? Are we equipped to face hybrid and remerging nuclear threats?

Democracy & Disconnect

What principles will the transatlantic partnership and global order of the future be based upon? How should democracies make full use of the AI and its disruptive potential for the benefit of its citizens?

Digital Future

How do we structure the public-private partnership to harness the inescapable technological progress for the benefit of our societies? How can states protect and project their interests in the borderless cybersphere? Will data protection become a competition issue for states and companies alike? What will be humanity’s place in the digital world of the future?

Future of Europe
How will EU’s political landscape change after the EP elections and what consequences will that have? What should be the priorities of the new EU Commission and what vision can CEE offer based on its unique strengths, experiences and perspectives? How can the EU maintain good relations with Western Balkan countries as well as with the UK post Brexit?
Sustainability & Global Economy
For the aging population of developed countries, what are the blueprints for the adaptation of healthcare and welfare systems? How can we combat climate change while not compromising economic progress?
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