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How hydrogen can help decarbonise the maritime sector


10 Jun 2021 10:00




Climate & Environment

Event Description

Hydrogen, hydrogen-based fuels (such as ammonia) and hydrogen technologies offer tremendous potential for the maritime sector and, if properly harnessed, can significantly contribute to the decarbonisation and also mitigate the air pollution of the worldwide fleet. 

This event marks the launch of Hydrogen Europe’s ambitious policy paper on how to decarbonise the maritime sector. It is accompanied by a technical analysis preparing the ground and looking at how the different hydrogen-based technologies and fuels fit into the big picture of decarbonisation.

With these papers Hydrogen Europe aims at highlighting the importance of an ambitious maritime EU policy containing recommendations on EU initiatives such as the necessity to include the maritime sector in the European Emission Trading System and to have targets on the demand of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.
Although there is no silver bullet to decarbonise the maritime sector, we cannot afford to have a patchwork of legislation and regulations and need a European regulatory framework with clear and ambitious obligations for the use of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels by 2025 and 2030 in the maritime sector.