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The impact of Brexit on Public Affairs


18 Oct 2016 18:30 to 19:30


Acumen public affairs
227 rue de la Loi, 4th Floor


UK in Europe

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Event Description

Join us for our next event where we will explore the impact of Brexit on EU public affairs, both from a collective and an individual perspective.

The speakers

  • James Holland, Parliamentary Assistant to one of the champions of the ´Leave Campaign´ Daniel Hannan MEP (UK, ECR)
  • Duncan Robinson, Financial Times Correspondent
  • Stefan Borst, Partner IDA Group

will discuss different aspects of Brexit and its consequences for the EU political landscape e.g.: How will Brexit affect PA at EU level? Have UK companies change their strategies? Has Brexit already had an impact on the interactions of British MEPs with stakeholders?... And of course, all the questions you bring in!

Due to the limited room capacity, please kindly register by 15 October at, and you will receive a confirmation. Please note that ecpa2.0 members have priority for registrations.