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Improving Public Sector Performance in the 21st Century


27 Oct 2016 to 28 Oct 2016



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S - Workshop, course


Science & Policymaking

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Target group
This two-day seminar is directed at managers and civil servants from EU Member States, candidate countries and the EU institutions and other multi-lateral institutions, as well as auditors, consultants, and other stakeholders who are faced with challenges relating to governance, accountability and performance of public sector organisations.

The seminar will start by elaborating what it really means to create public value for citizens and how different concepts of governance and accountability relate to this. This will enable participants to engage in a ‘worst practice’ performance management case study emanating from the United States. This will then be contrasted with a discussion of the Vanguard Method - derived from E.W. Deming, the originator of modern quality management - and its use in the Dutch police force.

The second day will explain and develop key theories regarding motivation and organisational learning that underpin the Vanguard method. The same theories will be demonstrated to underpin Human Centred Design, a methodology used by public sector organisations such as MINDLAB in Denmark. This method will also be explained using a case study of the Life programme for troubled families in the UK.

Learning methodology
The seminar is based on a range of presentations, three case studies and several exercises to be worked on during the seminar. One case study should be read in advance requiring approximately two hours of prior study.

At the end of seminar participants will understand how performance for citizens can be significantly and sustainably improved in a systematic way without using traditional command and control methods or misuse of target-setting.



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