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Information session on “Working in the EU institutions” and Training on “Succeeding in the EPSO competitions”


30 Nov 2019


Novotel Leuven Centrum



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This information and training session gives you all inside tips and everything you need to get a job or traineeship in the EU institutions. We present all solution techniques to succeed in the EPSO selection tests and practise on the basis of several real test questions. This number 1 training is about everything you have not heard or is not mentioned anywhere else. The training guarantees immediate results and success!
Information session – “Working in the EU institutions”: This training gives important inside tips and answers to all questions about jobs and traineeships in the EU institutions:
How to find and apply for an EU job or traineeship?
How does an EU job and career look like?
How does the recruitment process look like?
How to prepare for the EU selection tests (EPSO)?
How to be the best and succeed?
Training – “Succeeding in the EPSO competitions: This training explains all solution techniques and strategies needed to succeed in the EPSO selection and recruitment process:
How do the EPSO tests look like?
How to write a perfect CV and motivation letter for the EU?
What are the best solution techniques for the EPSO tests?
How to move from success in the EPSO tests to getting a real EU job? 
How to prepare for the EPSO selection interview?
Anyone interested in a job or traineeship in the EU institutions and/or wishing to succeed in the EPSO selection process
30 November 2019
Novotel Leuven Centrum, Leuven (Belgium)
CALIPA Coaching is a renowned coaching and consultancy agency, founded in Brussels, in the heart of the European Union. We coach and guide people who aspire to work in the EU institutions and who want to succeed in the EPSO recruitment and selection process. We also advise and support businesses and other organisations in the development of their strategy and operational management. Our extensive network and pragmatic approach guarantee direct impact and success.



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Mission of Japan to the EU
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Science Business Publishing Ltd
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L'Institut Polonais - service culturel de l'Ambassade de Pologne à Bruxelles
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European Venture Philanthropy Association
Community and Market Development Director
International Center on Small Hydropower
Programme Officer (International Volunteer)
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