JEFTA the Japan-EU Trade Agreement. Risks & Alternatives


07 Nov 2017 09:00


European Parliament Brussels
Room PHS 1A002
1047  Brussels


Trade & Society

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European Parliament Brussels - Room PHS 1A002
(with interpretation EN, FR, DE, CZ, DA, EL, ES, IT, NL, PT, SV, JAP-EN)
8.30     Welcome, coffee & tea
9.00     Introduction 
Gabi Zimmer, President of GUE/NGL
Takashi Shinohara, Member of the House of Representatives of Japan
Lucile Flagueyrac, NGO Seattle to Brussels 
9.30      Risks in JEFTA            
Moderator Anja Hazekamp, MEP GUE/NGL
Environment and  regulatory co-operation              
Lora Verheecke, Corporate Europe Observatory
Financial services            
Sanya Reid, Third World Network
Agriculture, food safety animal welfare     
Shoko Uchida, Pacific Asia Resource Center
Data flow and privacy         
Marija Bartl, researcher University of Amsterdam
 Reactions and debate 
11.00     Building alternatives            
Moderator: Helmut Scholz, MEP GUE/NGL
Alternatives for industrial policy transition and job creation
Peter Scherrer, European Trade Union Confederation
 Cooperatives work on alternatives     
Igor Ortega, researcher Mondragon University (tbc)
Citizens are organising to win     
Cornelia Reetz, Campact
Reactions and debate 
12.15     Conclusions  
Kimitoshi Morihara, Member of the House of Representatives, Japan (tbc)
Matt Carthy, MEP GUE/NGL (tbc)
13.30    Workshops
Data flow protection        
Marija Bartl, University of Amsterdam, Moderator: Helmut Scholz
Defence of services            
Pablo Sanchez, EPSU, Moderator: Matt Carthy    
Protection of environment        
Kees Kodde, Greenpeace, Moderator: tbc
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