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Performance Audit in the Public Sector


27 Apr 2014 22:00 to 28 Apr 2014 22:00

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Event Description

Performance audits provide practitioners with a practical tool of analysing how efficiently their institutions are run in practice.
The European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law offers this seminar to provide auditors with the unique opportunity to improve their ability to conduct performance audits in their institutions.

Participants will not only benefit from high quality presentations defining and clarifying important aspects of performance auditing but also from practical workshops which allow them to apply their newly learned skills.

Receive first-hand knowledge in the following crucial topics (among others): 

  • How to define scope and design of a performance audit
  • What are the practical aspects and challenges in the work of performance auditors
  • How to develop a question and evidence matrix
  • What is the methodology for undertaking performance audits
  • How can performance auditing be used in the state administration
  • What is the best way to make use of audit findings

Participants will profit from the first-hand knowledge of leading experts from:

  • European Court of Auditors
  • Council of Europe
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance, France
  • Audit Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Agency for Internal Audit, Flemish Government, Belgium

Further information and the application form you can find in the event brochure on the link above.