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Postal Sector Evolution (PSE) Project “The world of work in the postal sector in 2030” - First digital Workshop


08 Dec 2021




Innovation & Enterprise

Event Description

Invitation: 1st virtual workshop of the SDC project “The world of work in the postal sector in 2030”

8 December, Via Zoom

In view of the profound transformation undergone by the postal sector, the social partners of the European Social Dialogue Committee for the postal sector (SDC) are conducting solid work to anticipate and manage the ongoing and upcoming evolutions. This work has notably been resulted in the 5 joint scenarios elaborated during the former SDC project “Trend research for the postal sector in 2030” managed by the Postal Sector Evolution (PSE) working group.

Today, in order to continue this prospective work and make it more operational, the SDC has engaged into a new EU co-funded project “The world of work in the postal sector in 2030” which aims at drawing the postal characters who could exist in the 5 scenarios. The objective is to make these scenarios more concrete and operational. This new project aims therefore to go one step further both in terms of operationalizing the scenarios and in terms of innovative working methods.

In order to contribute to this innovative and forward-looking project, we would like to invite your organization to the 1st workshop of this project to take place virtually, via Zoom, on 8 December from 9:00 to 13:00 (CET).

We are happy to invite 2 representatives per organization, employers and trade unions, from each of the Member states to this virtual workshop, in the limit of a total of 50 participants (employers & trade unions) due to the nature of this interactive exercise. Translation will be provided in 3 languages (EN, FR and a third one) depending on the participants.

The workshop will be animated by a team from the consultancy InProcess who has been selected to support the SDC in this project. They will use innovative tools and exercises to foster the debate and enable the step-by-step elaboration of postal characters.

In order to confirm your participation to this meeting, please contact Mr. Angjelo Andoni before 29 November.

Yours faithfully,


Jurgen JOOS

President SDC Postal Sector


Vice-President SDC Postal Sector


With the support of the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, VS/2021/0034