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Proposal Writing: a Practical Kick-Off to Horizon 2020: Lessons learned from winning proposals in 2014


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WHEN? 26-27 February & 28-29 April


The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – HORIZON 2020 – came into force in 1 January 2014 and its first calls for proposals are already published since 11 December 2013. Just like with every newly established Framework Programme, the financial rules and regulations governing Horizon 2020 have changed a lot!

Compared to the previous Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7), Horizon 2020 is expected to revolutionise Europe by cutting the red tape and, also, thanks to its simplified rules and structure.

Nevertheless, the key question is:
What do you know about the new EU funding programme for Research and Innovation?

Now that new 2015’s calls for proposals are published, many doors are still open for EU and non-EU universities, research institutes and industries (especially Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, as well as large companies) to tap the EU funding pots… in many areas, sectors and sub-sectors!

Your major benefit of this 2-day intensive training? The answer is simple…
An opportunity to assimilate every crucial information about Horizon 2020, as well as essential practical tips on how to prepare an excellent Horizon 2020 proposal based on lessons real-life examples, lessons learnt from Octopux and interactive hands-on-approach exercises.

Tired of attending “too general” workshops?
Then this is the right one, duly updated and you won’t regret it!

Bring your project ideas and discuss them with our experts during the training!


Daniela Gomes, Project Writer, Manager and Evaluator / CEO at Octopux Consulting


Training material
Refreshments and coffee breaks
Lunch at the venue
Certificate of training


Professionals from all sectors who have been participating in FP7 and/or CIP projects
Professionals from all sectors who intend to participate in Horizon 2020
Professionals from all sectors who would like to improve their project development skills to increase their chances of submitting a winning proposal
Professionals from all sectors: academia, research institutes, SMEs, large industries, NGOs, clusters, etc.

695€ (excl. 21% Belgian VAT)



European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN)
Project Financial Assistant
Environment Director
Youth for Exchange and Understanding International (YEU)
Project Assistant
European Cocoa Association
EU Food Safety & Quality Manager
The European Landowners Organization
Policy Officer