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Sector Reform Contracts and Performance Indicators


06 Apr 2017 to 07 Apr 2017


European Institute of Public Administration
O.L. Vrouweplein 22
6211 HE  Maastricht

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M - Seminar, presentation


Euro & Finance
Global Europe

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What is this course about?
For the period 2014-2020, the EU has allocated close to €60 billion in financial assistance to its partner countries. Increasingly, these funds are delivered through Sector Budget Support: under SBS, beneficiary countries conclude Sector Reform Contracts (SRCs) with the EU, where beneficiaries commit themselves to reaching an agreed set of objectives in line with their national strategies. Whereas Sector Budget Support increases local ownership, it also drastically increases the responsibilities of the beneficiary countries for attaining the set objectives. Since 2014, Sector Budget Support is also available for EU candidate countries and potential candidates. 

How will it help you?
This course will help you to design Sector Reform Contracts and, in particular, indicators for variable tranches, which are a precondition for releasing funds under EU Sector Budget Support (SBS). Our experts will explain you the methodology to be used and how the EU Commission assesses these documents. Through practical case studies and interactive practical exercise, you will be able to:

  • increase your knowledge about Sector Budget Support and understand the motivations of the EU for increasingly channelling funds through Sector Budget Support;
  • get a better understanding of the methodology for designing Sector Reform Contracts;
  • boost your practical skills in drafting Sector Reform Contracts and, in particular, designing indicators for variable tranches.

Who will benefit most?
This seminar is targeted at civil servants from countries who are receiving Sector Budget Support from the EU and who are involved in the process of planning and implementing this assistance. In particular, it is targeted at those involved with the design of Sector Reform Contracts.


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