State Aid in the European Union: Latest Developments on Policy and Practice


10 Feb 2014 12:00


O.L Vrouweplein 22


Euro & Finance

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The seminar is intended for officials from central and local governments, as well as managers from public enterprises who are involved in the formulation and implementation of state aid schemes. The seminar is also open to managers of enterprises that may be beneficiaries of state aid. Description.

The two-day seminar consists of presentations by experts and group discussions. The contents of the standard seminars (usually offered by EIPA twice a year) are fixed and cover Treaty principles, relevant secondary law, case law and the Commission’s practices. The purpose of the seminar is to examine the interpretation and application of Treaty rules, the right assessment of the (amended) General Block Exemption Regulation and frameworks, guidelines and notices that have been developed by the Commission over the years. Important landmark Commission decisions and court rulings are analysed so that participants obtain a better understanding of the factors that shape practice in the state aid field; participants will be provided with the latest developments in this field in every single seminar, which will also offer the opportunity to compare national experiences in granting state aid through the analysis of case studies.


The seminar aims to help participants understand the concept of state aid, how it may apply to public measures, and how state aid may be approved by the European Commission. Learning methodology The seminar uses a mixture of lectures, case analysis and group discussions to impart knowledge and facilitate the sharing of experiences and mutual learning. Speakers include officials from EU institutions and Member State administrations, EIPA experts and practitioners.


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