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Seminar on Creativity and Innovation – Pedagogical Framework for the Learning Chain


20 Mar 2013 08:00


Bergen University College

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Innovation & Enterprise

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Seminar on Creativity and Innovation – Pedagogical Framework for the Learning Chain
The seminar addresses the status of innovation and entrepreneurship training in higher education on a European, national and regional level. We invite participants to take part in a discussion about the way further in innovation and entrepreneurship training at Bergen University College. What are the ambitions at Bergen University College and how could our candidates become drivers for innovation in new and established businesses?

Both Norwegian and European economic policy states that education, innovation, and creativity are central to the development of competitiveness in a global economy. The Europe 2020 strategy emphasises that education, innovation, and creativity are the key ingredients for future growth.

Since 2008, EU policies call for the strengthening of Europe’s innovative capacity and the development of a creative and knowledge-intensive economy and society through reinforcing the role of education and training in the knowledge triangle and focusing school curricula on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2009 the EU Year for Creativity and Innovation enhanced both research and initiatives in the field, e.g. to forge closer links between the arts, business, schools and universities; to raise young people's awareness of entrepreneurship through cooperation with the business world; and to develop innovative capacity in public and private organizations.

In the Norwegian context similar strategies exists. There are government plans to establish favorable conditions for increased innovation by advancing a creative society with a sound framework and a favorable climate for innovation, to support the development of creative human beings who develop their resources and competences, while grasping the possibility to apply them, and finally to support creative undertakings that develop profitable innovations.

As part of the operationalization of such strategies, an “Action Plan for Entrepreneurship in Education and Training” was launced in 2009 by three Norwegian Ministries (Ministry of Education & Research, Ministry of Local Government & Regional Development, and Ministry of Trade & Industry). A few months ago, a mid-way evaluation of the action plan was presented. What lessons could be learned from the evaluation and research related to the action plan and what is the status of innovation and entrepreneaurship training in higher education at a national level?

Finally, innovation and entrepreneurship have been emphasised at Bergen University College for nearly ten years. This winter, two applications were sendt to the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) about masterprograms in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology management. What are the status of innovation and entrepreneurship training in our institution? And how could new and existing bachelor and master programs offer a qualitative better innovation and creativity training?

The seminar ”Creativity and Innovation - Pedagogical Framework for the Learning Chain” is one of several parallel seminars targeting policy makers organized by seven partners in five European countries participating in the CLEAR (Creativity and Innovation - Pedagogical Framework for the Learning Chain) project. The project is financed by the European Commission, the Life Long Learning Programme.

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