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Smart Tourism Destination Project closing event,


06 Sep 2023 14:00




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Event Description

We are glad to announce the Smart Tourism Destination Project closing event, which will take place on the 6th of September from 14:30 to 17:00 CET. The event will take place online.

The event, titled “Smart Tourism Destinations Project – Final Event” will target public administrations, public services providers, tourism services providers, DMOs and tourism companies to share with them the work done with smart tourism experts and destinations throughout the project.

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During the event, will present the project overall outputs and results, as well as recommendations on the topic of smart tourism to be implemented at different levels: European Commission, EU Regions, EU Member States, DMOs and local governments.

Moreover, the event will also foresee a Peer Learning session during which destinations taking part in the project will display smart tourism solutions they have already implemented, highlighting the challenges and related achievements so to inspire interested stakeholders.

Finally, the closing remarks will include a consultation session moderated by the smart tourism experts during which participants and experts will reflect on the key achievements stemming from the project as well as on future opportunities to improve and embed digital technologies in tourism-related activities.


Event opening (14:30-14:35)
Misa Labarile (Policy Officer, European Commission) opens the event and provides a brief overview of the Smart Tourism Destinations project.

Presentation of project outputs and recommendations for DMOs (14.35-14.55)
Giovanna Galasso (Project leader and coordinator) provides an overview of the project main outputs and achievements, introducing smart tourism recommendations tailored to address DMOs needs.

Peer Learning Session (14.35-16.15)
Six destinations involved in the project will present smart tourism use cases and best practices they have developed and implemented. Destinations will provide a wide overview on the challenges they faced, as well as on the objectives they were able to achieve thanks to the solution.

Consultation on ways forward (16.15-16.30).
Tomas Gajdosik (Smart Tourism Expert, Matej Bel University) moderates a consultation session focused on identifying ways forward to leverage on the project outputs and promote the use of data-driven solutions in tourism.

Presentation of upcoming programme on sustainability for DMOs (16.30-16.40)
Marlene Bertes (European Commission) will present the upcoming programme promoted by the European Commission focused on the aspects of resiliency and sustainability for DMOs in the tourism sector.