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Transport Research & Innovation to help shape the urban mobility ecosystem of tomorrow


18 Oct 2019




Sustainable Dev.

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What solutions do local and regional authorities need, to meet the needs of the city as a whole and of the individual transport user in a sustainable way? 
Which innovations will the research community and industry be able to offer and how can cities both help these innovations to flourish and use them for their own benefit?
Which further research is needed, to address transport challenges upon and ahead of us, such as congestion, air pollution, climate change, and safety, while making urban mobility services more sustainable and of high quality to the user?
These are just some of the questions that will be discussed at this Urban Mobility Workshop, organised by the Urban Mobility Working Group of ERTRAC, the European Road Transport Research and Advisory Council.
The workshop will bring the research and industry community together with practitioners from cities in need of new transport solutions. Special attention will be paid to the start-up community which has emerged as an important player in introducing new and sometimes disruptive mobility services in cities.
Through a fruitful dialogue, the aim is to identify which research and innovation actions are required in the coming years to further shape the urban mobility ecosystem of tomorrow.
Friday 18 October
in conjunction with the Autonomy Urban Mobility Summit (16-17 October)
Paris, hosted by Ile-de-France Mobilités
A draft agenda will be circulated in due course.
This workshop is organised by ERTRAC in the framework of the FUTURE-RADAR project. Attendance is free of charge.


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