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Using REACT-EU and the RRF while Implementing the New Structural Funds Programmes, 2021-2027


18 Jan 2021 to 21 Jan 2021




Euro & Finance

Event Description

How can current Operational Programmes best absorb the REACT-EU emergency funding over the next 3 years? What do the draft new regulations for 2021-2027 now look like after Council and Parliament negotiations? How can the new Programmes complement the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)?

REACT-EU provides substantial resources to current programmes. Combined with the CRII and CRII+ amending regulations, Member States have great flexibility in responding to the health crisis and providing a smooth transition between current and new programmes.

Draft new programmes (2021-2027) are presently being submitted and negotiated with the European Commission. They must take on board the changes to the draft regulations, address the twin Green and Digital Agendas, and support an urgent and sustainable economic recovery.

What you will learn includes:

  • The impact of the new CRII / CRII+ amending regulations on programmes
  • How to build in REACT-EU projects to ongoing or special new programmes
  • Checking that your project pipeline is strong; best project selection criteria
  • Latest developments in negotiations of the new regulations 2021-2027
  • The link between new priorities and the European Semester
  • How to create synergies between SF and other EU programmes, including research
  • The temporary framework and future rules for state aid
  • What will financial planning and accounting look like in 2021-2027
  • How to simplify programmes and reduce the administrative burden

How we work

There will be keynote expert interventions from the European Commission and Member States, assessing the challenges and opportunities for new programme implementation. Besides our guest speakers, you will enjoy comprehensive sessions with Robin Smail and Marco Lopriore, experienced Structural Funds experts who have worked across the EU, and gathered evidence from numerous programmes. You will meet with other national and regional practitioners and have the opportunity to exchange experience and put new ideas into practice.

The online course provides ample time for question and answer sessions and discussions, as well as practical workshops and exercises.