Women's Forum Global Meeting 2017


05 Oct 2017 08:00 to 06 Oct 2017 08:30


75000  Paris

Event Location


Event Description

For the first time, Paris is the venue for the Women’s Forum Global Meeting, and we are thrilled by the possibilities. Paris is a great city for reminding us simultaneously of the glories of the past and the promise of the future. With a dedicated space in the Carrousel du Louvre as our new home, this 13th annual Global Meeting will be an unmatched international  showcase for women’s views and voices.

Our discussions at the 2017 Women’s Forum Global Meeting will take up engagement as a necessity, a challenge, and an area for research for the decision-makers and influencers who will attend. Our premise is that women’s experience, expertise, and vision are essential for achieving viable political, social and economic advances – so we feature women leaders in dialogue with their men counterparts.

Our ambition is for delegates to engage with the consequences of technological change for business and society and the implications of the new political landscape. We will address crucial questions for “smart cities”, the environment, and corporate social responsibility. Employee engagement is on the agenda, as is user engagement. The women and men who attend – role models and nextgeneration leaders – will find concrete benefits in sessions and workshops for personal and professional development.

This Women’s Forum Global Meeting will provide interesting encounters, “aha!” moments of discovery and inspiration, and real opportunities to listen and to be heard, exchanging across countries and regions, sectors and orientations, generations and genders.


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