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Meta removes Facebook account of Slovak PM’s alleged shooter

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 12:31
Shortly after last week's assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Meta took down the Facebook account of the shooter, the tech giant confirmed to Euractiv on Wednesday (22 May).
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German far-right EU lead candidate forced to suspend campaign, party membership under threat

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 10:28
The German far-right AfD has barred their lead EU candidate, Maximilian Krah, from any further campaign events amid mounting pressure to suspend his membership in AfD's next EU delegation in the wake of a series of scandals that rattled the party in recent months.
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EU election results threaten Green Deal, sustainability experts say

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 10:07
The forthcoming European elections (6 to 9 June 2024) and the implementation of the texts adopted as part of the Green Deal are in jeopardy for a majority of experts questioned by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).
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Governments spying on citizens: Who is to blame, what can the EU do?

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 10:04
Governments wield considerable influence in the cyber realm and must face accountability for their actions, argues CDT's Silvia Lorenzo Perez.
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Germany accused of playing favourites with €1.7 billion support for freight rail

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 09:34
The European Commission has given green light for a €1.7 billion German subsidy scheme to support shorter freight trains in competition with road transport, which is expected to mainly benefit state-owned DB Cargo.
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How the EU should deal with a world of contestation

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 09:30
For Europeans to survive and thrive in a world of contestation will require greater realism, more agility and a capacity to put together a policy package to ‘win friends and influence people’, writes Steven Everts.
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Time to ditch von der Leyen’s delays and Renew Europe Now

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 08:54
With the European elections around the corner, Europe is confronted with challenges that demand a united front and bold action. But Ursula von der Leyen's promises for swift and decisive action have fallen flat: After five long years, all we have got are sluggish responses that left us wanting more, writes Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann.
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Israel recalls ambassadors as Ireland, Norway and Spain recognise Palestinian statehood

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 08:15
Israel will recall its envoys from Norway and Ireland and possibly other European countries, Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Wednesday (22 May) after several EU countries announced in a historic move the recognition of a Palestinian state.
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European Health Union: ‘L’Union fait la force’

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 07:59
The European Commission will present its update of the ‘European Health Union: a Europe that prepares, prevents and protects' on Wednesday (22 May). Like the Belgian motto, ‘L’Union fait la force’ [Unity makes strength], the Health Union's aim is to create a more resilient Europe.
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Swedish Liberals could be expelled from Renew over far-right cooperation

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:32
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Brussels stepping towards withdrawing the Article 7 procedure against Poland, Czech lawmakers warning about Russian operations threatening the EU elections, and so much more.
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Czech lawmakers warn of Russian operations threatening EU elections

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:30
Russian influence and disinformation campaigns in the EU pose a significant threat to the integrity of the upcoming European Parliament elections, according to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security Committee of the Czech Senate.
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Tens of thousands gather for Raisi funeral procession in Tehran

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:30
Tens of thousands of Iranians flocked to the streets of Tehran Wednesday (22 May) to join the funeral processions of president Ebrahim Raisi and his entourage, who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday.
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Wiretapping scandal rocks election campaign in Bulgaria

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:29
Leaked wiretaps of leading politicians from the liberal Renew Europe-linked Bulgarian party “We Continue the Change”, in which one is heard saying that the party has a lot of money available in cash, have shaken the campaign ahead of Bulgaria's early parliamentary and EU elections, scheduled for the same day.
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Slovak parties urge end to hatred as government pushes ahead with polarising reforms

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:25
The parties in Slovakia's parliament have unanimously adopted a coalition resolution condemning the recent assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico and urging people not to spread hatred.
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Ukrainian gunners finally get shells to stop Russians near Kharkiv

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:16
Ukrainian servicemen operating a howitzer in Kharkiv region near the Russian border work around the clock to stop an incursion by Moscow's troops, and they are finally getting the shells to do it.
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Brussels to withdraw Article 7 procedure against Poland in coming days

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:13
European Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová has said she would recommend that the EU executive withdraw the Article 7 procedure against Poland, launched in 2017, following discussions on the issue among EU ministers at the General Affairs Council on Tuesday.
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Italian far-right Lega files bill for mandatory military service

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:12
Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini's League party has submitted a bill to the Chamber of Deputies proposing a mandatory six-month period of military or civilian service for all young people aged between 18 and 26, while the far-right party's centre-right allies, including Defence Minister Guido Crosetto, oppose the measure.
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French RN breaks with German AfD

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:08
Rassemblement National’s (RN) President Jordan Bardella announced on Tuesday that the party will end the alliance with his German counterpart Alternative for Germany (AfD), a fellow member of the far-right Identity and Democracy (ID) group.
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Spain recalls ambassador to Argentina as diplomatic spat deepens

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:08
Spain is recalling its ambassador to Argentina, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said on Tuesday, amid an escalating diplomatic row between the two nations.
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Russia sentences another hypersonics expert to 14 years for treason

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2024-05-22 05:01
Russian physicist Anatoly Maslov was convicted of treason and sentenced to 14 years in a penal colony on Tuesday (21 May) in the latest of several cases against experts working on the science underpinning Russia's development of hypersonic missiles.
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