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Bioplastics 101: what is truth and what is lore? [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 06:00
The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) is the talk of town in Brussels these days giving rise to studies, deep debate, and controversy, especially in the bioplastics sector. In love and war, all is fair, but in sustainability, the cleanest one ought to win.
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Portuguese parliamentary election set for March

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:59
Portugal will hold snap elections on 10 March, announced President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on Thursday evening as he said parties had agreed to the dissolution of parliament following the recent resignation of António Costa. Costa unexpectedly resigned amid a...
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Macron calls for ceasefire, pledges increased aid to Gaza

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:57
French President Emmanuel Macron called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas for the first time at the Gaza aid conference in Paris on Thursday, adding that France will increase its financial support to Gaza. On Thursday, France hosted an...
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Dutch minister calls for EU Defence Commissioner

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:52
Outgoing Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren (D66/Renew) urged the next European Commission on Thursday to create a separate commissioner post for defence, stressing the need to boost arms procurement and military spending within the EU. Ollongren, who previously advocated for a larger EU...
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EU Parliament votes to dilute new ‘Euro 7’ vehicle pollution limits

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:49
Lawmakers in the European Parliament adopted their position on new pollution standards for road vehicles on Thursday (9 November), in a move seen as a win for conservative lawmakers who sought to limit costs for the car industry.
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Rome-Tirana migration deal: Italian left wants Albanian government out of EU socialists

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:43
Italy’s left-wing Democratic Party has called for Albania’s Socialist Party, led by Prime Minister Edi Rama, to be expelled from the European Socialist Party over the controversial deal he struck with conservative Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to process asylum...
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Gaza officials say hospitals come under new Israeli attacks

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:40
Gaza officials said Israel launched air strikes on or near at least three hospitals on Friday (10 November), further endangering a health system swamped with thousands of casualties and people displaced by Israel's war against Hamas in the Palestinian enclave.
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Majority of Germans, including far right, back the EU: poll

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:39
EU membership is strongly supported by an overwhelming 87% of Germans, with most far-right voters also in favour of remaining in the bloc, according to a new poll published on Thursday. With just seven months to go until the European...
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Spanish opposition preparing mass ‘resistance’ against Sanchez-Puidgemont ‘coup’

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:39
Spain’s main opposition parties announced on Thursday that they were preparing massive “civil resistance” actions against the “key-to-rule” deal between the Spanish Socialist Party and Catalan separatists, which includes a controversial amnesty law for those involved in Catalonia’s 2017 separatist...
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Ukraine says global ‘peace summit’ may take place next year

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2023-11-10 05:15
A global "peace summit" for Ukraine may take place in February 2024, a Kyiv official said amid concerns in the West that the war in Gaza is making it harder to win over diplomatic support for Kyiv's blueprint for peace.
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EU policymakers paved the way for cybersecurity law for connected devices

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 16:58
The second interinstitutional negotiation on the Cyber Resilience Act set the framework for a political agreement expected later this month. However, the controversial issue of who should receive sensitive vulnerability information is still to be fully settled.
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Spanish Presidency mulls excluding finance from due diligence rules

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 16:50
The Spanish Presidency of the EU Council is leaning towards the exclusion of the financial sector from the EU corporate accountability rules, which are currently under inter-institutional negotiations, according to an internal document seen by Euractiv.
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OECD updates definition of Artificial Intelligence ‘to inform EU’s AI Act’

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 16:41
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Council on Wednesday (8 November) adopted the new definition of Artificial Intelligence that is set to be incorporated in the EU’s new AI rulebook.
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Moldova’s Popescu ‘optimistic’ about EU green light in December

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 16:30
Moldova will continue working together with the EU to keep "cleaning its system from the toxic influence of criminal oligarchs" as part of a concerted push to advance its EU membership bid, the country's Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu told Euractiv.
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Crowdfunding as a driver for the EU’s energy transition – What difference can it make?

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 16:00
The production and use of energy account for more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. This highlights the urgency of reducing carbon emissions in the energy sector, a crucial step in achieving the 2030 climate goals and the...
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Berlin settles spat over preferential power tariff for industry

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 15:52
Germany will not cap power prices for energy-intensive industries but will lower power taxes for businesses to the EU minimum while extending special tariffs for the most energy-hungry companies for five years.
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Italy-Albania migration deal highlights flaws of EU migration pact

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 15:48
In this edition of EU Politics Decoded, we look at how the new Italy-Albania migration deal highlights the flaws of the EU migration pact.
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The Brief — What next after the enlargement package?

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 15:20
With the European Commission's enlargement report out, the ball is now in the court of EU leaders to decide how to proceed with the accession process - and their own reform homework.
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EU’s top court rules against Austria’s content moderation law

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 15:16
The European Court of Justice sided on Thursday (9 November) with tech giants TikTok, Meta, and Alphabet’s Google against Austrian online content law regulating how platforms should deal with harmful and illegal content.
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Securing priority access to recyclates is a must in EU packaging plan [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-11-09 15:00
In the pursuit of a more sustainable future, we, the European natural mineral waters and soft drinks industries are enhancing our packaging material efficiency, investing in lightweighting solutions and recyclability, and setting up efficient collection and recycling systems, such as Deposit and Return Systems (DRS).
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