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EU Ombudsman launches probe into Europol officials’ alleged conflict of interest

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 06:00
The EU Ombudsman launched an investigation into the transfer of two former Europol officials to child protection organisation Thorn on Wednesday (4 January).
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Catalan separatists threaten to shake up Sánchez government

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:57
The Catalan separatist party JxCat, whose support Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez needs to pass legislation, has threatened to vote down the government’s new anti-inflation package in parliament this week, which, if confirmed, would trigger the first major crisis of confidence between Sánchez and the separatists.
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Beach ownership, regional elections cause headaches for Meloni

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:56
Upcoming regional elections and the long-running dispute between Brussels and Rome on beach ownership will dominate Italian politics in the coming months, with the government of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia (ECR), along with Matteo Salvini’s Lega (ID) and Antonio Tajani’s Forza Italia (EPP), due to take key decisions at an upcoming summit that could threaten the government’s stability.
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Sweden’s major security conference starts with talks on NATO, Ukraine, terrorism

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:53
The annual Folk och Försvar security conference in Sweden kicked off on Sunday with discussions on the country’s expected NATO membership, a new counter-terrorism strategy, and a thank you message from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
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EU Commissioner Reynders eyes Council of Europe top job

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:52
The Belgian federal government will decide on Wednesday whether to support the candidacy of Belgian EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders to become the next secretary general of the Council of Europe.
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Belgium’s most radical parties spend the most on social media campaigns

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:50
With Belgians set to vote in several key elections this year, the country’s most radical parties had most significantly increased their budgets for political campaign advertising on social media over the past year, a recently published study has found.
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Austria boasts Europe’s second-greenest power sector in 2023

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:49
Austria generated 87% of its power from renewable sources in 2023 following record years of solar panel expansion, putting it behind Luxembourg in the EU rankings.
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French economy minister promises drop in food prices for 2024

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:46
The French will see prices of some foods drop this year, French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Sunday, addressing wide-felt concerns after last year was plagued by rising food prices.
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Italy’s foreign minister calls for formation of EU army

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:46
The European Union should form its own combined army that could play a role in peacekeeping and preventing conflict, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said.
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Blinken due in Israel for tough Gaza talks

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:44
Top US diplomat Antony Blinken was due in Israel on Monday (8 January) for difficult talks on the war in Gaza as fears grow that the conflict could engulf the wider region.
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Spain confirms recognition of Kosovo passports, not independence

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:41
Spain has confirmed that it now recognises Kosovo passports, allowing its citizens visa-free entry under the visa liberalisation that came into force for Kosovars in all Schengen countries on 1 January – though this does not amount to recognition of Kosovo’s sovereignty, a Spanish source confirmed to Euractiv.
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Czech National Bank warns of Eurozone’s uncertain future

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:39
Czech politicians debating whether to adopt the euro should take into account the rather “unflattering” economic situation in Eurozone countries as the group’s future remains uncertain, a report published by the Czech National Bank (CNB) reads.
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German farmers protested against Scholz’s government

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:38
Thousands of German farmers are expected to take to the streets on Monday to protest against government budget cuts as they aim to bring the country to a standstill by blocking motorways and city centres.
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Michel’s surprise: Is EU starting 2024 on wrong foot?

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:32
2024 started in Brussels with a surprise: European Council President Charles Michel unexpectedly stated that he would leave his post by July, opening the Pandora’s box of European politics earlier than anticipated, well before the June EU elections.
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Hezbollah ‘not seeking war’, Borrell says after visit to Lebanon

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-01-08 05:30
Hezbollah is not seeking war with Israel as it is ‘perfectly aware’ that this could drag Iran into joining the conflict, but the situation has worsened after the recent attack against Hamas in Lebanon, EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell told...
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Michel’s election gamble to force EU leaders’ hand in top job race

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2024-01-07 18:30
European Council President Charles Michel's surprise announcement over the weekend that he would step down by July is likely to force the pro-European forces' to speed up negotiations over the EU's top jobs following the elections in June.
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EU’s Michel to run in election, will leave post mid-July

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2024-01-07 08:21
EU Council President Charles Michel will run in the election for European Parliament in June and will leave his post mid-July if he gets elected, he said in an interview with Belgian newspaper De Standaard published on Saturday (6 January).
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Borrell meets Hezbollah official in bid to avoid wider war

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2024-01-07 07:09
The European Union's foreign policy chief met a political official of Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah in Beirut on Saturday (6 January), as part of a push to avoid Lebanon being dragged into the Israel-Hamas war.
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Somalia signs law ‘nullifying’ Ethiopia-Somaliland port pact

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2024-01-07 06:50
Somalia's president has signed a law "nullifying" a contentious agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland in a largely symbolic gesture of his government's displeasure over the deal to grant port access.
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Kosovo says Spain recognises its passports

EURACTIV News - Sun, 2024-01-07 06:43
Spain has agreed to recognise passports from Kosovo, having previously been one of five EU states not to do so or to recognise the Balkan state, the latter's Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi said Saturday (6 January).
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