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Czech artists urge government to push for Gaza ceasefire

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:59
More than 400 Czech artists have now signed an open letter to the Czech government and president calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and Israel.
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Most Poles don’t want the euro, poll shows

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:57
Nearly 70% of Poles do not want their country to join the eurozone, with voters of the conservative PiS the most sceptical according to recent polls. 
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Portugal’s new PM to break almost total public silence since election at swear-in

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:56
Portugal’s new prime minister, Luís Montenegro, will break the almost total public silence he has maintained since election night at his swearing-in on Tuesday, except for an audience with the country’s president in Belém and a trip to Brussels.
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Podemos will not stand in the Catalan elections to avoid ‘fragmenting the left’

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:56
Podemos, the left-wing party that is no longer part of Sumar, the junior partner in Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez‘s executive, will not stand in Catalonia’s snap elections on 12 May so as not to “fragment” the progressive forces taking part in the regional elections, according to party sources.
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EU elections crucial for Swedish Centre Party’s leadership

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:52
The European elections this June will be critical for the leadership of Sweden’s opposition Centre Party, which faces extremely low numbers in the polls and lacks familiar faces on its EU election list.
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French politicians hail Erdoğan’s local election defeat

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:52
The French political scene has hailed the defeat of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) party in the local elections over the weekend, saying it was a blow against “authoritarianism”.
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Coal phase-out: Germany shuts down 15 coal-fired power plants

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:48
Germany shut down 15 coal-fired power plants over Easter to ensure that the country would meet its climate neutrality targets, with Economy Minister Robert Habeck saying that the plants were “neither necessary nor economical”.
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Russia, Ukraine trade drone claims over Black Sea

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:40
Russia and Ukraine claimed to have downed each other's drones over the Black Sea on Monday (1 April), with both sides apparently devoting increasing attention to developing and using unmanned aircraft in their more than two-year-old war.
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‘Havana syndrome’ under spotlight after journalistic investigation

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:25
The Kremlin on Monday (1 April) dismissed a report that Russian military intelligence may be behind the mysterious "Havana syndrome" ailment that has afflicted US diplomats and spies globally.
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Iran says Israel bombs its embassy in Syria, kills commanders

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:03
Suspected Israeli warplanes bombed Iran's embassy in Syria in a strike that Iran said killed seven of its military advisers, including three senior commanders, and that marked a major escalation in Israel's war with its regional adversaries.
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Who are the satirical parties of EU politics?

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 04:00
In the latest episode of our daily podcast Today in the EU we’re exploring which are the satire parties that have managed to be present in the EU political scene.
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Certifying the circular economy, verification required after new deal [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 02:41
The EU’s new requirements for circularity, renewables and the bioeconomy will require verification if they are to work, after EU legislators came to a hard-fought agreement on revising the union’s legislation covering packaging and packaging waste.
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Dolly’s revenge, European Commission proposes to drop wolves’ protection status [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 02:07
The European Commission’s proposal to drop wolves’ protection status under the Bern Convention from ‘strictly protected species’ to ‘protected species’ came as a blow to conservation advocates fighting the magnus malus lupus' corner in Europe.
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Nickel critical to Europe’s EV battery manufacturing, but where will it come from? [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 01:34
Nickel is an important part of EV battery manufacturing because of its energy density and capacity retention. Demand for nickel is on an upward trajectory as EV sales surge, but despite extensive recycling efforts, nickel demand continues to outpace supply.
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Commission alarmed by EU’s lack of critical substances, but makes a raw material ‘critical’? [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 01:19
The European Commission has raised the alarm about Europe’s lack of self-sufficiency for substances critical to the green and digital transitions. But what makes these materials so critical?
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What lies ahead for new nicotine products? [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 00:47
March was a tough month for the vaping sector. An avalanche of political decisions cascaded through public discourse against the background of the European Commission’s evaluation of the EU framework for tobacco control. So, what lies ahead for nicotine products?
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No paper tigers, please! Results only, says Denmark’s Climate Alliance [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-04-02 00:11
Denmark’s DK2020 climate collective initiative brought together all Danish municipalities, DK2020, now it prospers as the Climate Alliance. What began as a pilot project has become a five-year plan to transform climate plans from targets into tangible action.
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Talent’s geopolitical role in shaping Europe’s future

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-04-01 07:45
Having already entered the fourth industrial revolution, talent has emerged as a crucial geopolitical factor, playing a pivotal role in how states serve their national interests as it is linked with innovation, driving countries towards growth, economic power, international influence, and societal well-being, writes Panagiotis Kakolyris.
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Germany is not prepared for large-scale cyberattacks

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-04-01 07:25
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Romania not having yet allocated funds to Ukrainian refugees so far this year, Poland reacting to the Russian missile strike on Ukraine, and so much more.
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Albanian government to create commission against foreign influence, disinformation

EURACTIV News - Mon, 2024-04-01 07:18
The Albanian government has announced plans to set up a special parliamentary commission to fight against foreign interference and disinformation in the public sphere, according to Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi.
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