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Russian invasion of Ukraine caused over $97 billion in damages – report

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 13:10
Russia's invasion caused over $97 billion in direct damages to Ukraine through 1 June, but it could cost nearly $350 billion to rebuild the country, a report by the World Bank, Ukrainian government and European Commission shows.
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Economic uncertainty causes hike in voluntary business closures in France

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 10:04
The number of companies voluntarily closing down in France is increasing, fuelled by labour shortages, energy costs, and the climate crisis, a trend reflected across the entire EU.
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Media Partnership – Seeing the wood for the trees: Possible implications of RED III on renewable energy development & EU energy security [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 10:00
Just one week before RED III goes to a Plenary vote in Parliament, this Hybrid Conference, hosted by the World Bioenergy Association, supported by Bioenergy Europe and with EURACTIV as Media Partner,  looked at the text of RED III, and the amendments proposed by the European Parliament. The event  heard views from the forestry, policymaking, academic and analyst communities on the potential impacts RED III could have on the EU biomass- and hence renewable energy markets.
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Agrifood Brief: One ‘small’ fries, please!

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 09:19
Some say they're Belgian, others French. I'm not here to settle this long-standing debate, even if - as a Frenchman – I lean towards the first option (Americans don't say 'French' fries for anything, after all).
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We need a modern fiscal framework fit for climate change. Now.

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 09:11
The reform of the EU's fiscal rules should consider the need for investments and spending to achieve a just green transition that is currently being hampered by the austere fiscal rules, argues Isabelle Brachet.
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Is GDPR enforcement catching up?

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 08:53
This week, the Irish Data Protection Commission sanctioned Instagram for violating children’s privacy. After much waiting for the EU’s data protection rulebook to bite, privacy watchdogs have started to show their teeth. Is this a sign of a new trend?...
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‘National security’ curtain falls down on Greek spyware scandal investigation

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 08:50
Greek officials put forth national security reasons during a European Parliament hearing on Thursday (8 September) to fend off uncomfortable questions about why journalists and opposition politicians had been targeted with surveillance technology. 
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New North Korea law outlines nuclear weapons use, including preemptive strikes

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 08:48
North Korea has officially enshrined the right to use preemptive nuclear strikes to protect itself in a new law that leader Kim Jong Un said makes its nuclear status "irreversible" and bars denuclearisation talks, state media reported on 9 September.
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Farmers, industry diverge over fertiliser tariff suspensions

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 08:44
The latest interruptions of Russian gas flows to Europe have reignited debates on fertiliser import tariffs, but farmers and industry remain divided over whether tariff suspensions should include all mineral fertilisers.
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Another Greek opposition lawmaker victim of Predator

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 08:29
The Greek wiretapping affair involving the “Predator” spy programme is widening as a leftist opposition lawmaker told the prosecutor on Friday (9 September) that his phone was also compromised.
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Charles’ succession stirs Caribbean calls removal of monarch as head of state

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 06:39
The accession of King Charles to the British throne has stirred renewed calls from politicians and activists for former colonies in the Caribbean to remove the monarch as their head of state and for Britain to pay slavery reparations.
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Austria’s Volker Turk appointed UN human rights chief

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 06:24
The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday (8 September) approved the appointment of Austria's Volker Turk as the next UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
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Charles III, Britain’s conflicted new monarch

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 06:11
With the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles has finally become king of the United Kingdom and 14 other realms, ending a wait of more than 70 years - the longest by an heir in British history.
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Chizhov lashes out at EU in farewell speech

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 05:57
At a farewell reception on Thursday (8 September) boycotted by EU diplomats, the Russian ambassador Vladimir Chizhov blamed the EU for “destroying bridges”, failing to mention the main reason for the low point in relations – Russia's war in Ukraine.
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Ukraine claims territorial gains as Blinken pledges support ‘for as long as it takes’

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 05:51
Ukraine on Thursday (8 September) hailed a lightning counteroffensive it said had recaptured swathes of its territory in the east and south, as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the country to pledge further aid.
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Brussels criticised for reacting too slowly as energy crisis unfolds

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 05:32
There is “cognitive dissonance” between national governments facing public pressure to tackle rising energy bills and the slow reaction from the European Commission, which is not directly accountable to the electorate, the energy advisor of an EU country told EURACTIV.
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Swedish elections open door for EPP to regain Council upper hand

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 05:28
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Austria's conservatives aiming to exclude asylum seekers from climate bonuses, Croatia unveiling a plan to cap energy and food prices, and so much more.
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Feeding a snake that will bite us

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 05:06
EURACTIV’s poll this week showed that most of our readers believe that a new trend of the EU centre-right (EPP) joining coalitions with far-right parties will ultimately result in the EPP adopting more extreme positions.
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Hungarian government to order 25% cut in gas usage at public institutions

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 05:05
The Hungarian executive will order a 25% reduction in gas usage at public institutions and supports keeping temperatures at 18 degrees Celsius in winter, except in hospitals and residential care institutions, the government announced on Thursday. It is clear that...
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Power firms warn about ‘unprecedented’ liquidity crisis in Europe

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2022-09-09 05:03
The electricity sector is facing a “perfect storm”, with sky-high gas prices hitting the margins of European power companies at a time when more than €100 billion in investments are needed annually to drive the green transition, the industry says.
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