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EU commissioner says Russian imports to Poland ‘negligible’ amid grain row

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 16:19
As Poland considers following in Latvia's footsteps by banning agricultural imports from Russia that it says are destabilising the Polish market, EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski stepped in to deny that Russian grain imports to the Eastern European country are significant.
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France’s Le Maire slams EU’s ‘no longer wanted’ renewable targets

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 15:24
The EU's renewable energy targets adopted in March last year are too restrictive and unsatisfactory as climate goals, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, who took over the environment portfolio in a recent government reshuffle, said on Monday (4 March).
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The Brief – Breton, Hayer, Kallas, Gozi… Where are the liberals’ leaders?

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 15:21
Three months ahead of the EU elections and just two weeks before their grand electoral launch, the EU’s liberals are lagging behind the other political forces and struggling to find their common leaders. Who is in the running?
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EU nears racial profiling approval at Schengen borders, risking discrimination

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 15:11
The proposed reform of the Schengen Borders Code will legalise and expand targeted checks on racialized communities, giving carte blanche to member states to potentially use violence when larger groups of people try crossing their borders, writes Michele LeVoy.
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Hungary opposes Dutch PM Rutte’s NATO candidacy, foreign minister says

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 15:00
Hungary's government cannot support Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to become NATO's next secretary-general, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Tuesday (5 March).
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‘Mustn’t be cowards’: Macron clarifies ‘strategic ambiguity’ after Ukraine troops-on-ground remarks

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 15:00
French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated on Tuesday (5 March) that all options should be on the table in fighting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, warning, however, that being too transparent on the EU's next steps could hinder hopes for Ukraine’s victory.
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Transport Brief: Party congress season

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 14:13
Ahead of the EU parliament election in early June, it's currently party congress season.
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EU Commission tables ambitious defence single market programme, but with modest funds

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 14:09
The European Commission tabled a modest fund on Tuesday (5 March) to start up its first defence production programme and strategy, to increase industrial output, give the sector more visibility, and prepare for potential shortages in crisis times.
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New EU forced labour rules to crack down on exploitation in agri-food supply chains

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 13:50
EU negotiators reached a deal on Tuesday morning (5 March) on a new regulation aiming to ban products linked to forced labour from the bloc’s market, with potential implications for agricultural and food commodities produced in and outside the bloc. 
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EU strikes speedy agreement banning forced-labour products

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 12:36
EU co-legislators sealed a provisional deal in the early hours of Tuesday (5 March) on rules that will ban forced labour products from the bloc's import and export markets, overturning expectations that the law would fail to pass within the current legislative mandate after months of stalling progress. 
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Pro-nuclear countries back total opening up of EU funding for nuclear

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 11:19
Nuclear technologies should benefit from all types of EU funding, such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and innovation funds, the French-led nuclear alliance, which now has 12 EU member states, said at its meeting on Monday.
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EU agrees on heavily contested law to cut packaging waste

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 08:55
The controversial overhaul of the EU’s packaging waste rules was agreed in Brussels on Monday, paving the way for a 15% reduction in waste, banning plastic sauce cachets and EU-wide bottle deposit schemes.
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Estonia, France, Poland call for more cash for the defence industry

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 08:45
France, Estonia and Poland are calling on the European Commission and other EU member states to pledge larger sums to Europe's defence industry as the EU executive is set to propose a re-industrialisation strategy for the sector.
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Ukrainian sea drones damage Russian Black Sea fleet patrol ship near Crimea

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 08:07
Ukrainian sea drones damaged a Russian Black Sea Fleet patrol ship off occupied Crimea, Ukrainian military intelligence said on Tuesday (5 March).
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Council of Europe report: European Commission must step up action to preserve media freedom, protect journalists

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 08:01
The Council of Europe's press freedom report, released on Tuesday (5 March), underscores the absence of international spyware regulation, disputes over the draft law on online child sexual abuse material, and more.
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EU provisionally agrees on law to cut packaging waste, single-use plastics

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 07:40
The European Union has reached a provisional deal on a new law to cut packaging waste and ban single-use plastics, such as supermarket bags for fruit and mini hotel shampoo bottles in hotels, albeit with exemptions for certain sectors.
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Israel carries out biggest Ramallah raid in years

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 07:17
Israeli forces raided the Palestinian administrative capital of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank overnight, killing a 16-year-old in a refugee camp during their biggest such operation into the city in years, Palestinian sources said on Monday (4 March).
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Russia’s Medvedev says ‘Ukraine is Russia’ and historical territory needs to ‘come home’

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 06:46
Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council and an ally of President Vladimir Putin, described Ukraine on Monday (4 March) as part of Russia and said what he called historical parts of Russia needed to "come home."
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Macron in Prague to thaw relationship with Central Europe

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 06:34
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Finland’s top military official saying European NATO countries must go beyond their 2% pledge, the Kucova NATO airbase officially opening in Albania, and so much more.
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France enshrines abortion in its Constitution, a world first

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-03-05 06:20
France has become the first country in the world to enshrine the right of women to have an abortion in the constitution, following a vote from MPs and senators who met in Congress at the Château de Versailles on Monday.
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