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Advancing Europe’s Net-Zero Industry: How the race for fossil-free competitive energy will reshape manufacturing value-chains [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 14:00
Rewatch this EUROFER Conference to learn about those pressing issues with CEOs and business leaders from the entire manufacturing value chain, in particular across the steel, renewables and electrolysers sectors, as well as with senior officials and policymakers charged with accelerating Europe’s green transition. Panellists exchanged views on: - Policies to incentivise sustained investment in European clean tech value chains. - How to support decarbonisation of manufacturing while avoiding carbon leakage as well as green investment leakage. - Boosting hydrogen capacity and building a crisis-proof electricity market design ensuring affordable prices for industrial consumers who are net-zero drivers. Organised by: EUROFER Media Partner: EURACTIV
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Pressing pause on the Green Deal? Not in consumers’ name!

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 13:54
Over the past weeks, attacks on the Green Deal have intensified. The deal has always been subject to criticism but the relentless, seemingly coordinated attacks on the EU green agenda we are witnessing now are something new, writes Monique Goyens.
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We must save the Green Deal to save our future

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 13:47
Several legislative proposals of the Green Deal are being contested, creating tensions within the European Parliament. The EU Nature Restoration Law is paramount for the protection of biodiversity in the continent, and delays in negotiations will be catastrophic, write MEPs Jutta Paulus and Bas Eickhout.
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Climate neutrality: only as strong as the weakest definition

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 13:39
Reducing carbon emissions has been defined as a central goal for the future, in the fight to tackle the effects of climate change. But “carbon neutral” claims that rely on carbon offsetting - a different practice - are misleading and can hinder actual progress, writes Elisa Martellucci. 
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US lawmakers call for South Africa to lose summit over Russia ties

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 13:00
A group of US lawmakers is calling for a US-Africa trade summit planned for later this year to be moved from South Africa in response to what they said was the country's "deepening military relationship" with Russia.
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European aviation distances itself from global criticism of EU rules

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 12:54
IATA head Willie Walsh caused a stir when he branded the EU “anti-aviation” earlier this month. The comments caused a headache for Brussels-based aviation groups, which have been at pains to show that the comments do not reflect their thinking.
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Ceding ground in Ukraine, Russia kills civilians in Zelenskyy’s hometown

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 12:35
A Russian missile strike killed at least six civilians in an apartment building in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's hometown on Tuesday (13 June), while Moscow's forces yielded ground in the early stages of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.
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EU Parliament asks large traffic operators to chip in on networks costs

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 12:28
A majority of lawmakers in the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution backing up the senders-pay principles during a plenary vote.
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NATO pushes for common standards to tackle shortfalls in artillery shells

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 12:04
The heads of leading arms-making companies meet NATO defence ministers this week to discuss increasing production and standardising artillery shells as the war in Ukraine depletes stocks.
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Kosovo proposes 5-point plan to defuse tensions with Serbia

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 11:00
Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has proposed a plan to defuse growing tensions with neighbouring Serbia and in Serb-dominated northern Kosovo, following weeks of unrest and instability that threatened to derail Western efforts to normalise relations.
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German coalition divided on increasing subsidies for Intel’s mega fab

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 10:57
Germany's three-party coalition government is divided on increasing state subsidies for Intel's €17 billion-heavy semiconductor plant, particularly the liberal FDP's Finance Minister Christian Lindner and Green Economy Minister Robert Habeck.
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German official: EU farm crisis funds must be ‘well thought through’

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 10:31
Emergency funds from the EU agricultural reserve, such as those recently received by Poland and Hungary, should not be given out so lightly, Ophelia Nick, Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Agriculture Ministry, warned in an interview.
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Labour shortages: We are hard at work, France tells Commission

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 10:21
French Labour Minister Olivier Dussopt rejected on Monday (12 June) the European Commission's criticism that his government was not doing enough to reduce labour shortages, replying instead that "we're hard at work".
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A mosque, a church and a synagogue: forging a historic moment for interfaith dialogue [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 10:00
The Middle East has always been the home of an incredibly diverse mix of people and faiths. The UAE itself is home to around 200 nationalities and vibrant multicultural communities resulting from the country’s promotion of diversity and coexistence. As...
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Post-Brexit trade deal means ‘inevitable’ business costs, says EU

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 09:28
EU and UK businesses will face 'inevitable' extra costs while the post-Brexit trade deal remains in place, European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič warned on Monday (12 June), playing down the prospect of a major overhaul of the agreement. 
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EU countries to endorse common position on new product liability regime

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 08:58
European governments are set to formalise their version of an EU law extending product liability rules to software and Artificial Intelligence on Wednesday (14 June) at the Committee of the Permanent Representatives (COREPER) meeting. 
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Brazil fears environmental sanctions from EU-Mercosur trade deal

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-06-13 08:20
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday (12 June) said the EU hopes to finalise its long-delayed trade deal with the Mercosur bloc of South American countries by the end of the year at the latest.
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