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European defence industry strategy in the works, von der Leyen confirms

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 12:40
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made a push on Wednesday for a fully-fledged European defence industry strategy but fell short of sending any clear signal to arms makers across the bloc.
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Travel platform rules: EU lawmakers agree on hosts liability, checks, sanctions

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 12:32
Members of the European Parliament agreed on a compromise text on the short-term rentals regulation on Tuesday (12 September), settling debates regarding hosts' liability, conduction and regularity of checks and sanctions.
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EU lawmakers agree ambitious compromise text on telecoms law

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 12:13
With the aim to bring high connectivity for all Europeans by 2030, the Parliament agreed on an ambitious text pushing towards EU harmonised rules for telecoms, abolition of extra fees for intra-EU calls and adoption of the principle of administrative tacit approval. 
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SOTEU falling short on health

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 11:16
Listening to Commission's President Ursula von der Leyen's State of the European Union address, I couldn’t help feeling rather disappointed not to hear much about health policy. 
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EU chief seeks new approach to Africa to counter Russia

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 11:00
The EU must engage more with African countries, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday (13 September) arguing the bloc would need a ‘new strategic approach’ to Africa as Russia makes diplomatic strides on the continent. “This is...
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Strikes, blockades: EU’s east blackmails Commission into extending Ukraine import ban

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 10:58
EU frontline countries bordering Ukraine have threatened drastic measures in the event that the European Commission does not renew its temporary import ban on Ukrainian agricultural goods, including “indefinite” strikes and port blockades as the renewal deadline looms. 
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Von der Leyen faces pushback for Chinese electric vehicle investigation

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 10:56
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced countermeasures against the growing number of Chinese electric cars distorting the EU single market through price-dumping practices in her State of the Union address on Wednesday (13 September), but her approach is under fire from German lawmakers and industry.
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Time to Prioritise Ambitious Emissions Standards Across EU Logistics [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 10:00
Many of us have become accustomed to the ease and convenience of fast delivery, but we’re also conscious about our environmental impact—can we continue to get deliveries quickly, whilst reducing carbon emissions?
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Von der Leyen outlines ‘next phase of European Green Deal’, with heavy industry focus

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 09:03
The European Green Deal is entering a new phase focusing on industrial policy, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in her annual State of the Union speech on Wednesday (13 September), hinting at what a potential second mandate could look like.
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Von der Leyen touts domestic successes, eyeing potential second term

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 09:00
Ursula von der Leyen defended her track record as European Commission chief on Wednesday (13 September), with a State of the Union speech that pitched her as a champion of European citizens on the economy, climate change, and migration.
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Von der Leyen hails EU enlargement as ‘catalyst for progress’, but careful on details

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 08:45
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday (13 September) made the case for enlargement as a 'catalyst for progress' of the bloc but failed to put forward concrete targets.
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Is the EU a step closer to legalizing cannabis?

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 07:00
Cannabis, the most consumed illicit drug in the EU, is sparking a heated debate across Europe. Join us as we dive into the recent groundbreaking German proposal to regulate recreational cannabis use. Explore how different EU countries view cannabis and...
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Brussels ‘staying the course’ on EU Green Deal, despite headwinds

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 06:55
From ongoing negotiations to blank spaces in the European Green Deal, there’s still a significant amount of work to be done in the coming months, even as policymakers turn their attention to the EU elections next year, writes Kira Taylor.
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European Parliament adopts joint defence procurement fund

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 06:30
The European Parliament approved the fund to incentivise joint procurement of arms for Ukraine, passing the last text to boost defence production in the EU, closing a year of intense negotiations and the Commission's first push ever in helping member states procure weapons.
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Von der Leyen to boast of achievements but stay mum on second term

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 06:15
EU chief Ursula von der Leyen delivers her annual State of the Union address Wednesday (13 September) with expectations she will emphasise her achievements but give little away as to whether she wants a second term in office.
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Mediterranean’s devastating Storm Daniel may be harbinger of storms to come

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 05:58
Storm Daniel, which wrought devastation across the Mediterranean in the past week, killed 15 people in central Greece where it dumped more rain than previously recorded before sweeping across to Libya where over 2,500 died in a huge flood.
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EU lawmakers pass bill hiking renewable energy targets

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 05:40
The European Parliament gave its final approval on Tuesday (12 September) to legally binding targets to expand renewable energy faster this decade, a central part of Europe's plans to curb climate change and shift away from fossil fuels.
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Paris pushes to bring Berlin onboard with EU industrial policy

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 05:33
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about the discrimination of Albanians in Serbia reaching the US Secretary of State, Czechia searching for the new EU Commissioner to replace Jourová in 2024, and so much more.
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Russia says Crimean shipyard on fire, two ships damaged in Ukraine missile attack

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 05:32
The Sevastopol Shipyard on the Crimean Peninsula was on fire early on Wednesday (13 September) and two ships were damaged after Ukraine launched 10 missiles and three speedboat attacks on the port, Russia's defence ministry said.
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Paris pushes to bring Berlin onboard with EU industrial policy

EURACTIV News - Wed, 2023-09-13 05:21
There is no time to lose for Germany and France to finally sit down and build an ambitious EU industrial policy which will protect European industries vis-à-vis the US and China, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday,...
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