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EU’s green industrial plan vague on clean tech, finance, critics say

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 15:45
The Commission’s ‘Green Deal Industrial Plan’, unveiled on Wednesday (1 February), promises simplified EU regulation for clean technologies, but critics say it lacks clarity and opens the door to unrestricted subsidies in France and Germany until the end of 2025.
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The Brief — The (climate) kids aren’t alright

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 15:20
A year after an increasingly extremist climate movement began blocking traffic in Germany, the lack of a coherent set of goals of the so-called “Last Generation” is catching up to the young activists that wanted to “fix” the world.
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EU human rights court rules on Russian responsibility in eastern Ukraine

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 15:00
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) published an interim verdict ruling partially admissible Ukraine's allegations of Russia's human rights violations in eastern Ukraine, setting a precedent as the first international court to prove Russia's occupation in Donbas since 2014.
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Climate Neutrality Roadmap 2050 for the Corrugated Cardboard Industry [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 15:00
The corrugated Cardboard industry aims to produce carbon neutral packaging by 2050, provided the prerequisite conditions are met, notably by the decarbonisation of the paper and energy sectors.
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Council of Europe slams Italy on migration law

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 14:37
The Council of Europe has urged Italy to scrap a decree seeking to regulate NGO migrant rescue operations at sea, describing it as a breach of international law.
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Car repairers condemn automakers for reluctance to share data

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 14:35
EU regulators must compel car manufacturers to share vehicle-generated data with independent repairers to avoid raising costs for car owners and imperiling businesses, repair companies have said.
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Eurasian union prime ministers flock to Almaty for digital forum

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 14:29
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin arrived on Thursday (2 February) in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, for a two-day Digital Forum, a high-profile event with very little visible presence of the EU countries or companies.
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NGOs: Collateral damage from Qatargate?

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 14:12
Welcome to EU Politics Decoded. In this edition, we look at how NGOs and civil society groups risk becoming collateral damage from the Qatargate scandal.
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EU Parliament adopts position on political advertising regulation

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 13:50
EU lawmakers approved the internal market (IMCO) committee’s text on the Regulation on Political Advertising, paving the way for the next phase of the legislative process. 
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EU own resources: Bringing revenue – and social change?

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 12:59
Welcome to EURACTIV’s weekly Economy Brief. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. The EU needs more revenue for its budget. While the Commission is expected to present new ‘own resources’ based on corporate taxation later this year, some members...
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EU imports from Xinjiang rose by 34% in 2022

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 12:29
Exports from the Chinese province of Xinjiang to EU countries increased by 34% last year, data from the Chinese Customs Office shows, pitting the EU's drive to uphold human rights and eradicate forced labour against the need for imported goods.
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EU Parliament adopts position on platform workers directive

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 12:16
After months of arduous negotiations, the much-debated and politically sensitive platform workers' file was finally approved in plenary on Thursday (2 February), with 376 in favour and 212 against.
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A thousand Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandals every day

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 12:00
Today, the way personal data is processed by the ad delivery algorithms of Meta and Google platforms poses a much greater threat to privacy and the integrity of electoral processes than microtargeting. The position on the Regulation on political advertising adopted by the European Parliament on 2 February leads the way in addressing present and future personal data-related risks to democracy and fundamental rights.
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EU ramps up military support, doubles training mission targets for Ukraine

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 12:00
The EU plans to double the number of Ukrainian troops it trains to 30,000, the bloc’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, announced on Thursday (2 February) as top EU officials were due to meet their Ukrainian government counterparts in Kyiv. “The...
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Funds from Brussels or nationalizations? Quo vadis Bulgaria [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 11:00
In October 2022, the newly elected Parliament of Bulgaria (the 48th) begins its work in Sofia. In his Parliament inauguration’s speech, the President of the Republic, Mr. Rumen Radev, calls on the deputies to elect the next government, adopt the state budget and vote for the package of changes introduced by the interim government.
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European Commission plans stakeholders’ hearing on online piracy of live content

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 09:42
The European Commission is organising a stakeholder meeting to inform them of a proposal designed to tackle the online piracy of online events like sporting events and music concerts, according to details seen by EURACTIV.
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French MPs approve renewable acceleration bill, despite opposition

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 07:50
The French National Assembly adopted a bill to accelerate the development of renewable energies on Tuesday (31 January), despite abstention from the Greens and opposition from the hard left, who denounced shortcomings and inconsistencies in the new law. 
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Russia advances in east Ukraine, strike on apartments kills civilians

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 07:00
The battle on the front lines in eastern Ukraine "has become tougher" as Russian forces push for gains that they could show on the first anniversary of their invasion on 24 February, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in a sombre assessment on Wednesday (1 February).
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Australia ready to become EU’s ‘energy powerhouse’, climate minister says

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 06:45
Improved dialogue between Australia and the European Union is crucial to achieving global climate goals, according to Chris Bowen, Australia's minister for climate change and energy.
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Budapest sees ‘similarities’ with Meloni’s Italy

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2023-02-02 06:34
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Finland passing a new transgender law, Bulgaria continuing to export fuels from Russian oil to Ukraine, and so much more.
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