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Hungary’s EU funds: Parliament lawsuit against Commission ‘very weak’, vice president says

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 15:20
The chances of the European Court of Justice ruling in favour of the European Parliament’s lawsuit against the Commission over its decision to unfreeze €10 billion for Hungary are "very weak", European Parliament vice president Katarina Barley said. 
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The Brief – From Barroso to von der Leyen: Where next for the Green Deal?

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 15:12
When I joined Euractiv 20 years ago to cover the EU’s environment policies, the talk in Brussels was all about the trade-off between green policies and economic growth. 
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The ‘mirror measures’ loop

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 14:53
Introduced into the EU debate by the French EU Council presidency in 2022, the concept of 'mirror clauses' - or ‘measures’ - has become ubiquitous in all discussions of EU trade, agricultural, and environmental policy.
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Barcelona bets on water desalination in response to ‘drought of the century’

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 14:50
The Catalonia region has decided to invest almost €500 million from EU funds to make its capital city more resilient to droughts, with two new desalination plants expected to come online by the end of the decade. But for the more than 500 Catalan towns that aren’t connected to the water grid, there is little prospect of improvement.
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EU to lift sanctions on pro-Russian Slovak businessman defended by Fico

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 14:43
The European Union plans to revoke sanctions against two Russian businessmen and a Slovak national associated with the pro-Kremlin biker group Night Wolves, whose case Prime Minister Robert Fico has repeatedly supported and discussed with top EU officials.
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Support grows for Rutte as next NATO boss, but Eastern Europe still lurking

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 14:29
Public support from the West is growing for the Dutchman Mark Rutte to become NATO's next secretary-general, but he will still need to secure crucial support among members from Eastern Europe.
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Rethinking the German model means letting go

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 14:24
Among other problems, Germany is plagued with severe labour shortages that will only get worse as ‘baby boomers’ retire. Still, politicians think they need to preserve jobs in industries where Germany is clearly uncompetitive, whatever the costs.
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Sweden and Hungary sign fighter jet deal ahead of NATO vote

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 13:41
Hungary and Sweden enhanced their military cooperation on Friday (23 February), just days before the Hungarian parliament is expected to vote on the Nordic country's NATO bid on Monday.
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Implementing tech rulebooks should be top digital policy priority, EU countries urge

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 13:00
A document sent by the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council to the EU delegations on the future of the bloc's digital policy, dated 19 February and seen by Euractiv, argued that the implementation of already-adopted regulations should be prioritised over the creation of new laws.
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The EU SEP Regulation: A Proportionate Step in the Right Direction [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 11:00
The proposed EU SEP Regulation is a form of “light-touch”, proportionate regulation to enhance transparency and predictability and offer non-binding expert opinions, that should, on balance, benefit EU industry and consumers.
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Diving into the resilience and security issues of the EU’s submarine recommendation 

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 10:19
As the security and resilience of submarine cables became a priority for Europe after the sabotage of a cable between Finland and Estonia in October 2023.
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Germany’s last major solar module producer to close in March

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 09:54
Swiss solar company Meyer Burger will close its Freiberg plant to focus on its US production sites, after years of posting losses, reducing the overall EU solar panel production capacity by about 10%. 
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EU Commission opens formal investigation into TikTok, Orange-MásMóvil merger approved

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 09:46
Welcome to Euractiv’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.
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Concerns raised over UK Data Protection Bill’s impact on EU’s GDPR

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 08:54
A letter sent by member of European Parliament Paul Tang, seen by Euractiv, raises questions regarding the potential effects of the UK's Data Protection Bill on the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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Bulgarian pro-Putin party joins EU far right group after Moscow visit

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 06:59
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Latvia approving a ban on Russian agricultural products, Slovakia's Fico backtracking on criminal law reform, and so much more.
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US warns Iran against providing ballistic missiles to Russia

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 06:45
The Biden administration on Thursday (22 February) warned Iran of a "swift and severe" response from the international community if Tehran provided ballistic missiles to Russia, after Reuters reported earlier this week that the Islamic Republic shipped the powerful weapons to Moscow.
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Zalando to overhaul ‘misleading’ green claims on its websites, EU says

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 06:29
Europe's biggest online fashion retailer Zalando has committed to overhaul by mid-April the sustainability claims it makes on its web sites after the EU qualified them as "misleading", the European Commission said on Thursday (22 February).
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Dutch PM Rutte in strong position to lead NATO with US, UK, French and German backing

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 06:29
The US, Britain, France and Germany on Thursday (22 February) all backed outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as the head of NATO, putting him in a strong position to win the leadership of the transatlantic alliance.
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Alexis Tsipras steps in to prevent Greek left collapse – asks for new elections

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 06:23
Following months of silence since his resignation from the leadership of the Greek leftist opposition Syriza party, its former leader and PM Alexis Tsipras called for new elections for the party’s leadership as ongoing divisions have escalated.
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EU’s new Anti-Money Laundering Authority to be based in Frankfurt

EURACTIV News - Fri, 2024-02-23 06:12
The European Union's new Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) will be based in Frankfurt, Germany, the Belgian Presidency of the EU said on Thursday (22 February), in a move the bloc hopes will advance its fight against illicit finance.
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