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The EU quota for imported sugar from Ukraine is already filled, Kyiv producers warn

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 16:57
The volumes exported to the bloc have already reached the limit established in the new 'trade benefits' regulation, Ukrainian producers said calling for the EU to stop importing sugar from their country for 2024.
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Germany increases contested gas surcharge

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 16:35
A controversial gas transit surcharge levied by Germany will be increased again from July, the German operator announced on Tuesday (21 May), adding to tensions with Austria and Brussels. 
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EU should not ‘trade in human beings’, warns Amnesty International

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 16:03
The European Union should not 'trade' with migrants or apply a 'self-serving solidarity' by outsourcing the management of its migration policy to third countries, including Libya or Tunisia, where human rights are not guaranteed, Amnesty International warned.
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German liberals slam von der Leyen for not ruling out new EU debt

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 16:01
Politicians from the liberal FDP (Renew), part of Germany's three-party ruling coalition, have criticised European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for not ruling out a new debt-financed EU investment programme.
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EU, Moldova sign ‘security and defence’ partnership

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 15:00
The European Union on Tuesday (21 May) signed a security and defence pact with Moldova to help the pro-Western country boost its ability to tackle threats from Russia.
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The Brief – The cunning state of Azerbaijan

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 14:20
A few months ago we described Qatar as a “cunning state”. Cunning means the quality or skill of being clever at planning something to reach your goals, even by tricking others. Lately, it has emerged that Azerbaijan has also resorted to cunning strategies to punch above its weight.
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EU could formally start Ukraine, Moldova membership talks in June, but hurdles remain

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 14:00
Several EU member states called on Tuesday (21 May) for the bloc to start membership negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova by the end of June, but several technical and political obstacles remain for the decision to be taken.
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INITIATE: One project, different routes to decarbonise steel [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 14:00
The INITIATE project proposes an innovative process to produce urea from residual gases of steel making and demonstrates the importance of industrial symbiosis between different industrial sectors (steel sector, chemical sector, agriculture).
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Europe unprepared for climate disaster, warns World Bank

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 13:58
Climate-related disasters cost Europe more than €77 billion last year, according to a new report. But costs can be lowered with better data and financing strategies.
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Macron in New Caledonia to set up ‘mission’ after protests

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 13:48
French President Emmanuel Macron should arrive in troubled New Caledonia on Tuesday night (21 May) to set up "a mission", a government spokesperson said, as the situation in the French overseas territory in the South Pacific remains tense following a week of protests, with blockades in certain areas of the capital city Nouméa.
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EU report pinpoints three best countries for heat pumps

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 11:54
While operating a heat pump is quite expensive in large parts of Europe, three EU countries stand out with their cheap electricity compared to gas prices, finds a report by the EU research body.
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Genetic diagnostic technology a game changer for rare diseases, but ethics concerns linger

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 10:53
Genetic diagnostic technology advances for rare diseases offer hope, but gene-tech comes wrapped in complex ethical concerns. Will Europe accelerate modern diagnostics, or will ethical concerns slow and limit innovation?
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Ukraine must continue receiving strong European support in food, agricultural sector

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 10:52
The agriculture ministers from Nordic-Baltic countries urge the EU to strongly support Ukraine’s ability to export its agricultural products to the EU and to world markets.
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Recalibrating Europe’s India relations after another Modi victory [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 10:40
With Narendra Modi on his way to a third consecutive term as prime minister of India and the reshuffling of the European Parliament after the June elections, 2024 looks set to be a year for recalibrating EU-India relations.
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Europe Ahead: EPP’s Poptcheva on taking the edge off private investment

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 10:30
In an interview with Euractiv, Eva Poptcheva also stressed that public investments should aim to “take the edge” of private investments that might otherwise be too risky to undertake.
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Xi’s big European adventure, meeting the local tribes [Advocacy Lab Content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 10:26
Returning to Europe after a five-year hiatus, Chinese President Xi Jinping discovered the local tribes were not united in diversity. Mapping the land, Xi found divergent political climates, and cavernous terrain between Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
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The next European Commission must champion industrial decarbonisation [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 10:00
CEMBUREAU’s net zero roadmap update highlights the key role of policy to scale up our net zero ambitions, writes Emmanuel Brutin, Public Affairs Director at CEMBUREAU.
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UK’s infected blood scandal could and should have been avoided, inquiry finds

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 08:46
An infected blood scandal in Britain was no accident but the fault of doctors and a succession of governments that led to 3,000 deaths and thousands more contracting hepatitis or HIV, a public inquiry reported on Monday (20 May).
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Online travel agencies file complaint against Ryanair alleging breach of GDPR

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 08:01
A European travel tech industry group filed two separate complaints to French and Belgian data protection authorities over Ryanair's use of biometric data, according to a press release shared with Euractiv.
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Russia fails in rival UN bid on nuclear, other weapons in space

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2024-05-21 05:52
A Russian-drafted United Nations Security Council resolution that called on all countries to prevent "for all time" the placement, threat or use of any weapons in outer space failed on Monday (20 May) with the 15-member body split over the move.
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