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Updated: 12 min 12 sec ago

The dictatorship next door: Why Serbia’s regime threatens Europe’s credibility

8 hours 33 min ago
Many European governments and institutions continue to tolerate the regime of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić despite its descent into autocracy, writes Vuk Jeremić.
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Britain publishes plans to keep internal trade flowing after Brexit

8 hours 39 min ago
Britain publishes plans on Thursday (16 July) to keep trade flowing freely between its constituent nations when regulatory powers are reclaimed from the European Union at the end of the year and redistributed to devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Categories: EurActiv

BERLIN – No more gender-parity on Thuringia’s party lists

8 hours 41 min ago
A court in the Eastern state of Thuringia has stated that the rule to alternate between male and female candidates on party lists violates the constitution, following a suit brought by the far-right AfD party. The court’s president argued that...
Categories: EurActiv

Challenging Germany, US opens way for sanctions on Russia pipeline

8 hours 56 min ago
Escalating pressure on Germany, US President Donald Trump's administration opened the way Wednesday for tough sanctions as the ally moves forward with the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia.
Categories: EurActiv

Oil giants including Exxon set first joint carbon target

9 hours 17 min ago
A group of the world's top oil companies including Saudi Aramco, China's CNPC and ExxonMobil have for the first time set targets to cut their combined greenhouse gas emissions as a proportion of production, as pressure on the sector's climate stance grows.
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North Macedonia’s pro-EU SDSM set to win parliamentary vote

9 hours 20 min ago
North Macedonia's Social Democrats who pledged to take the Balkan country to the EU are set to win the parliamentary vote on Wednesday (15 July), state election commission parliamentary results showed.
Categories: EurActiv

Green aviation set for end-of-year lift

9 hours 22 min ago
An EU initiative aimed at boosting the uptake of cleaner aviation fuels is set to launch at the end of 2020 and a new push by the European Commission to streamline tax policy might yet have a big impact on air travel’s carbon footprint.
Categories: EurActiv

MEPs raise the pressure on green EU recovery spending rules

9 hours 27 min ago
A cross-party group of lawmakers in the European Parliament – ranging from the far-left to the centre-right – have penned a joint letter calling for the EU’s proposed €750 billion recovery fund to be closely aligned with the bloc’s climate goals.
Categories: EurActiv

EU under tight schedule for ‘interoperable’ summer COVID apps

9 hours 32 min ago
The European Commission is putting the final touches to its "interoperability gateway," a system that allows different contact tracing apps across member states to function with one another.
Categories: EurActiv

Serbia and Kosovo to resume rocky road towards an accord

9 hours 32 min ago
Former war foes Serbia and Kosovo will restart talks in Brussels on Thursday (16 July) to normalise their strained relationship after a long stalemate, though the road to settling their many disputes is paved with stumbling blocks.
Categories: EurActiv

ECB to sit tight as EU leaders shape virus recovery plan

9 hours 33 min ago
European Central Bank governors are expected to refrain from doling out fresh stimulus medicine Thursday, hoping EU leaders will do their bit to shore up the crisis-hit region with a huge coronavirus recovery plan.
Categories: EurActiv

Faced with anti-mafia protests, Bulgaria’s Borissov sacks three ministers

9 hours 55 min ago
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on Wednesday (15 July) asked his finance, economy and interior ministers to step down amid nationwide anti-corruption protests that have rocked the Balkan country for a week.
Categories: EurActiv

Global challenges require global solutions: why today’s opening of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol to European brands and retailers matters [Promoted content]

10 hours 12 min ago
As the world emerges from the pandemic, sustainability is high not just on the European policy agenda but also in public consciousness. Sustainable textiles are in the front line of this. The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol can help European brands and retailers meet this ever-growing demand for environmentally sustainable fibres.
Categories: EurActiv

Hagia Sophia: The violation of a symbol

10 hours 13 min ago
No logical or plausible excuse justifies the conversion of the Hagia Sofia into a mosque, all it does is adds fuel to the fire of nationalism and religious fundamentalism, writes Constantinos Alexandris
Categories: EurActiv

EU regulators seek feedback on Google’s Fitbit data pledge

10 hours 42 min ago
EU antitrust enforcers are asking interested parties whether Google’s pledge not to use fitness tracker maker Fitbit’s health data for its advertising, and to separate the dataset from its own, might ease concerns over their tie-up.
Categories: EurActiv

Investing post-COVID: Is a green recovery assured?

Wed, 2020-07-15 15:33
As policymakers turn their attention to the economic recovery post-COVID, there is a risk that investments in a green recovery may be side-lined.
Categories: EurActiv

The Brief – North Macedonia’s latest moment of truth

Wed, 2020-07-15 14:44
As we wrote only a few weeks ago, there is a flurry of post-COVID elections across Eastern Europe and now it is the turn of North Macedonia, a country with a chequered history of international relations. The result of today's vote could well determine the next chapter for the Western Balkans EU candidate.
Categories: EurActiv

EU and Saudi Arabia: Common challenges, joint efforts, shared goals

Wed, 2020-07-15 14:39
As the first Ambassador in the diplomatic mission of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the European Union, I am often asked why we have taken the initiative to change our outreach in Brussels by creating a separate Mission to the EU, after more than half a century of diplomatic relations, writes Saad Bin Mohammed Alarify.
Categories: EurActiv

National recovery plan, taxes, subsidised contracts… Macron’s three economic priorities

Wed, 2020-07-15 14:26
In a Bastille Day interview with French media on Tuesday (14 July), President Emmanuel Macron detailed his economic orientation for the final two years of his five-year term. EURACTIV's media partner Ouest-France reports.
Categories: EurActiv

Local action for global goals

Wed, 2020-07-15 14:02
Authorities around the world are putting UN Sustainable Development Goal at the core of their agenda but including local governments in their implementation is key for success, writes Tine Soens.
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