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Updated: 16 min 6 sec ago

Did Hungary turn to the Russian Duma for support against Ukraine?

10 hours 5 min ago
Hungary has a deep controversy with Hungary over minority rights. In this context, a heated controversy has unfolded over reports that Budapest asked the Duma, the lower chamber of Russia's parliament, for joint efforts to uphold minority rights in Ukraine.
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Middleman tells Malta court of plot to kill Daphne Caruana

10 hours 14 min ago
The self-confessed middleman in the murder of a journalist told a court on Wednesday (4 December) a wealthy Maltese businessman was the brains behind the killing but also implicated people tied to government in the growing scandal.
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EU banking regulator: ‘No green economy if we encourage banks to be insolvent’

10 hours 35 min ago
Europe wants to use all the tools available to transit toward a 'green' economy. But ‘green’ lending should not be incentivised by easing capital requirements for banks, the European Banking Authority chief, Jose Manuel Campa, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
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EU agreement on 2050 climate neutrality can help spur a renovation wave [Promoted content]

11 hours 49 min ago
Next week EU leaders have a chance to reach a deal on the 2050 climate neutrality target. If heads of state and government agree to this, it should begin to steer investments in the greening of the EU economy. This is particularly important for the EU’s biggest CO2 emitters, where much of the financing will be needed; our buildings.
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The Brief – Behind NATO’s security scenes

Wed, 2019-12-04 15:59
As leaks and bits of information selectively seep through NATO's meeting room doors, it is the gestures and details that matter and shape the legacy of its summits.
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Von der Leyen criticises Finnish presidency’s EU budget proposal

Wed, 2019-12-04 15:10
The new European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, did not mince her words at her first press conference on Wednesday (4 December), criticising a recent proposal of the Finnish EU Presidency for the bloc’s 2021-2027 budget and voicing concern "about the severe cuts in the proposal".
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We welcome Chinese investment, Greece’s digital minister says

Wed, 2019-12-04 14:53
The Greek government is open to the idea of further Chinese investment into a range of public and private sectors, including in the field of telecommunications, the country's digital minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis, told EURACTIV on Tuesday (3 December).
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Azerbaijan: Snap elections are coming – and a new generation of politicians

Wed, 2019-12-04 14:01
The expected snap parliamentary elections will likely launch a new democratic era in Azerbaijan, giving the voters a further possibility to advance the reform process, writes Dr. Ceyhun Osmanli.
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Interview with Sir Peter Ratcliffe, 2019 Nobel Laureate: Paving the way for new cancer treatments [Promoted content]

Wed, 2019-12-04 14:00
Just days before the inspirational scientist will receive the Nobel Prize in Stockholm, he underlines that it is "important that scientists are allowed to derive knowledge for its own sake”.
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US economist Rifkin: ‘Budgetary rules should not apply to green investments’

Wed, 2019-12-04 13:56
While visiting Paris, American economist Jeremy Rifkin talked to EURACTIV France about his hopes for the new European Commission's Green Deal, while calling for a climate narrative that inspires real change across society.
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Ukraine: Pro-western opposition sets ‘red lines’ ahead of ‘Normandy’ summit

Wed, 2019-12-04 13:38
Three Ukrainian opposition factions have proposed their red lines, including the return of Crimea to Ukraine's full control, ahead of a four-way Normandy summit to be held on in Paris on Monday (9 November).
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EU agency: Greening of the EU main farm policy not delivered yet

Wed, 2019-12-04 13:06
Policies aimed at integrating environment and climate concerns into Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy have not delivered, according to a report released by the European Environment Agency (EEA).
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EU Commission set to vote on ban of controversial organophosate pesticides

Wed, 2019-12-04 11:28
The European Commission is set to vote on Friday (6 November) on not renewing the approval of two pesticides, chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl, which the EU's food safety agency says may have serious effects on foetuses and children - a claim industry strongly rejects.
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Support from industrial workers of the Green Deal will depend on its delivery on Just Transition [Promoted content]

Wed, 2019-12-04 11:00
How to secure the support of workers in industry for the European Green Deal? Make it social! IndustriAll European Trade union has identified the key requirements to secure their support for what is announced as the flagship initiative of the new European Commission.
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Andriukaitis: Europe should take lead in science-based plant innovation

Wed, 2019-12-04 10:55
The EU is leading the science-based fight against climate change and it will also lead on science-based plant innovation, writes former EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis.
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Buildings must be at the heart of the European Green Deal. Here’s why

Wed, 2019-12-04 10:41
Making our buildings climate-proof is not only about reducing the 36% of CO2 emissions they are responsible for, but about doing so while caring for the people that live in them, writes Oliver Rapf.
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Maturing businesses look to SDGs, Paris Agreement for green guidance

Wed, 2019-12-04 10:04
Greener business models are starting to gain in popularity, as environmental legislation starts to bite and company heads decide their balance sheets will look healthier in the long-run if they embrace change.
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Bosnia should close ‘unacceptable’ migrant camp: Council of Europe

Wed, 2019-12-04 07:58
Bosnia should urgently close a temporary migrant camp or people will "start to die" during the winter period, a European human rights official warned Tuesday (3 December).
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France-US clash at NATO summit amid fears in eastern Europe

Wed, 2019-12-04 07:56
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out about the clash between France and the US at the NATO summit, and so much more. The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV’s media network.
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NATO Summit 2019 – Day #1

Wed, 2019-12-04 07:52
EURACTIV gives you an insight into the big talking points at this year’s NATO Leader’s meeting in London. In case you missed it, here’s Day 1 in a nutshell. Trump hits out at Macron, Macron hits out at Trump. As...
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