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Updated: 51 min 52 sec ago

Athens: a new Bergamo? 

14 hours 39 min ago
The sharp increase of COVID-19 cases has raised eyebrows in Greece with scientists and media talking about the danger of Athens becoming a “new Bergamo”. Hospitals in Athens currently have 99 intensive care units, 62 non-COVID and 37 for COVID...
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LISBON – Task force for non-COVID-19 patients

14 hours 41 min ago
Portugal will set up a ‘Task Force’ to respond to non-COVID-19 patients in public health services as a measure of the government’s autumn/winter pandemic response strategy. The aim is to ensure care of non-COVID-related patients, including the continuing surveillance of...
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Germany revives hopes for EU-Mercosur deal

14 hours 42 min ago
German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier on Monday (21 September) said he still believes ratification of an EU trade deal with South America is possible, despite European anger over deforestation in Brazil.
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MADRID – COVID-19 protesters call out ‘discriminatory’ measures

14 hours 42 min ago
Thousands of residents from South Madrid’s neighbourhoods took to the streets over the weekend, protesting against the “discriminatory” nature of new coronavirus restrictions. Madrid’s regional government was  also criticised for “marginalizing” the “poor” south of Spain’s capital. Those living in...
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HELSINKI – Money laundering suspicions cast shadow over state-owned mining company

14 hours 43 min ago
A huge information leak of some 2,500 documents to the US authorities by several international banks on Sunday (20 September) revealed that Singapore-based commodities giant Trafigura is suspected of wide-spread money laundering and corruption. As Finland’s government decided in 2017...
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Bavaria to impose stricter COVID-19 rules

14 hours 43 min ago
Bavaria’s cabinet is expected to implement stricter coronavirus restrictions in the state today (22 September) for areas where there are more than 50 infections per 100,000 people over the course of seven days, State leader Markus Söder (CSU) announced Monday....
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Italy slashes number of politicians by a third

14 hours 44 min ago
Politicians vote to reduce their numbers. A constitutional amendment to reduce the number of parliamentarians from 630 to 400 in the Chamber of Deputies and from 315 to 200 in the Senate was comfortably approved on Monday (21 September). Find...
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Chemistry’s waste problem

14 hours 50 min ago
Europe's chemical industry needs to embrace circular thinking and urgently address concerns about substances getting into the environment or risk being crushed by regulators, writes Tom Parker.
Categories: EurActiv

Hezbollah links seen in 2012 Israeli bus attack in Bulgaria

15 hours 10 min ago
A Bulgarian court on Monday (21 September) sentenced two Lebanese men in their absence to life in prison over a deadly 2012 bus bomb attack on Israeli tourists at the country's Burgas airport.
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France commits to welcoming more refugees despite ‘reception crisis’

15 hours 13 min ago
The tragic fire that ravaged the Mória refugee camp in Greece on 9 September has again highlighted the weaknesses of the EU's asylum and immigration policies and a lack of European solidarity. EURACTIV France reports on France's experience of the migration regime.
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Europe and the New Middle East

15 hours 15 min ago
Alliances in the Middle East are changing but the EU is been little engaged with the new diplomatic shifts and risks becoming irrelevant in the region, writes Jonathan Spyer.
Categories: EurActiv

Polish government coalition hanging by a thread

15 hours 24 min ago
Poland's ruling right-wing coalition looked to be hanging by a thread on Monday (21 September), as a government spokesman said he could imagine the largest party in the grouping, Law and Justice (PiS), governing without one of its current partners.
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EU sanctions three firms for breaking Libya arms embargo, Turkey reacts

15 hours 39 min ago
The European Union on Monday (21 September) imposed sanctions on three companies -- one Turkish, one Kazakh and one Jordanian -- for breaching the UN arms embargo on Libya, drawing an angry reaction from Turkey.
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Norway makes second attempt at carbon capture ‘moon landing’ project

15 hours 40 min ago
Norway will finance two-thirds of a large-scale project to capture and store carbon dioxide – its second attempt to cut greenhouse gas emissions in a plan that was previously touted as the oil-producing country's moon landing.
Categories: EurActiv

Entrepreneurship to reinvent yourself [Promoted content]

15 hours 57 min ago
The situation caused by the coronavirus in Spain has especially affected NEETs, as the sectors in which these young people normally find their first job opportunity have visibly reduced their activity.
Categories: EurActiv

Lufthansa eyes more job cuts, as monthly losses top €500m

16 hours 11 min ago
Lufthansa said Monday it will slash more jobs on top of 22,000 previously announced cuts and put more planes out of service with current losses running at some €500 million.
Categories: EurActiv

Iberdrola to create new business unit to develop green hydrogen

16 hours 17 min ago
Spanish utility Iberdrola said on Monday (21 September) it would create a new business unit aimed at developing green hydrogen to supply industry and heavy transport.
Categories: EurActiv

The road ahead: challenges and opportunities for Europe’s regions

Mon, 2020-09-21 16:44
This Special Report looks at challenges that lie ahead for the EU's cohesion policy, as the already vast to-do list for Europe's regional and local authorities keeps expanding with ambitious climate and digital transformation goals.  
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MEP Omarjee: Cohesion, not ‘renationalisation’, should guide Europe’s policies

Mon, 2020-09-21 16:42
Social and territorial cohesion among the EU's region's, as well as their convergence, must remain at the centre of Europe's recovery plans lest efforts to support investment and growth should lead to more regional divides, MEP Younous Omarjee told EURACTIV.
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The Brief, powered by ESA – Always look on the bright side of EUCO

Mon, 2020-09-21 15:08
The EU needs to be more courageous in its diplomacy, European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said in her first State of the Union speech a couple of days ago. Some said her lengthy speech was bold. Others complained that there was too much wishful thinking. Others remarked that foreign affairs are not exactly her remit.
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