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BERLIN – Liberal FDP calls COVID-19 restrictions into question

Wed, 2020-07-08 06:28
Germany’s liberal Free Democrats (FDP) want a review of all of Germany’s lockdown measures to determine whether they are proportional. This comes after an administrative court struck down the lockdown measures in Gütersloh on Monday (6 July). The review could...
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Dutch ‘preachers and salesmen’ lead EU frugality drive

Wed, 2020-07-08 06:06
The Netherlands will be at the centre of upcoming talks over European spending on the coronavirus crisis, driven by a mix of traditional Calvinist frugality and political reality, experts say.
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Italy will not accept ‘weak compromise’ on EU recovery fund, PM says

Wed, 2020-07-08 05:47
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Tuesday (7 July) the European Union must act decisively to build a common response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, urging that support measures be activated rapidly.
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EU, China and Canada renew pledge for climate action, despite virus

Wed, 2020-07-08 05:42
In spite of the economic crisis posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the EU, China and Canada sent “a clear political signal” on Tuesday (7 July) that they are still committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change. 
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EU to face difficulties without a deal on recovery plan, Budget Commissioner warns

Wed, 2020-07-08 05:32
If EU leaders fail to reach an agreement on a pandemic recovery package next week, “we will enter into difficulties,” the EU Commissioner for Budget, Johannes Hahn, warned during an event in Brussels on Tuesday (7 July).
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EU orphan drugs law and the emergence of SMEs

Wed, 2020-07-08 05:15
The legal framework provided by the current EU orphan drugs regulation has encouraged a number of small and medium sized companies (SMEs) to develop innovative technologies in the fight against rare diseases in Europe, stakeholders told
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Bioenergy: the necessary force to decarbonise buildings [Promoted content]

Wed, 2020-07-08 05:00
The Renovation Wave sets high expectations. Considering buildings’ energy consumption, this initiative provides the perfect framework to address the upscaling of renewables in buildings, with a specific focus on heating and cooling. Bioenergy represents the main source of renewable heat and must be scaled up in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
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Virus crisis threatens to set back oil platform decommissioning

Wed, 2020-07-08 04:00
Oil companies are being forced to cut spending due to a fall in global oil prices, threatening funds earmarked to dismantle dated off-shore rigs, despite environmental risks.
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Why national building renovation plans are key for the recovery

Tue, 2020-07-07 15:03
Renovating a country’s buildings and homes represents a massive opportunity for sustainable economic recovery, health, well-being, and CO2 reduction, writes Oliver Rapf.
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The Brief, powered by BSEF – Turkey threatens, Borrell smiles

Tue, 2020-07-07 14:55
On Monday (6 July), EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell met Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu, who publicly threatened the EU with retaliation if further sanctions are imposed on Ankara. The threat was met with a diplomatic appeal for dialogue, which - it is increasingly clear now - sometimes just doesn't cut it.
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Nur-Sultan’s financial hub to be at heart of Kazakhstan’s recovery and greening

Tue, 2020-07-07 14:21
With the support of authorities and growing green credentials, the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) is well placed to play a key role in the country's recovery and sustainable economic development, experts say.
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Dutch sign Eurostar treaty, reducing London journey time

Tue, 2020-07-07 13:18
The governments of the Netherlands, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom signed on Tuesday (7 July) an updated version of the Eurostar treaty, which will streamline border checks and shave a full hour off the Amsterdam-London journey time.
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Altmaier argues against ‘international monopolies’ in the platform economy

Tue, 2020-07-07 13:15
A "well-regulated" platform economy should allow for small and medium-sized enterprises to compete fairly and should not lead to the formation of "international monopolies", German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said on Tuesday (7 July).
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Italy, Spain and France worst performers as recession deepens

Tue, 2020-07-07 12:02
Italy, Spain and France will register the worst economic downturn among eurozone countries this year as the contraction will be more severe than previously expected, according to the latest European Commission forecast published on Tuesday (7 July).
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Green party insists no U-turn on gene-editing despite recent dissent

Tue, 2020-07-07 10:52
Following a paper in which a group of German Green MPs and one MEP unexpectedly backed the use of gene-editing technologies, EURACTIV spoke to MEP Martin Häusling, agriculture spokesman for the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, who stressed that nothing has changed for the party, which has historically been vocally opposed to the technology.
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Germany spent over $1 billion to cover costs linked to US troops presence

Tue, 2020-07-07 10:05
Germany has spent more than $1 billion over the past decade to cover the costs related to the stationing of US troops on its territory, according to figures by the German finance ministry, which a key government official called "anything but too high", citing related economic benefits.
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Siberian temperatures hit June record, fires spread

Tue, 2020-07-07 10:00
Temperatures in Arctic Siberia soared to a record average for June amid a heat wave that is stoking some of the worst wildfires the region has ever known, fresh EU data showed on Tuesday (7 July).
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Trains take over, ETS ahoy & road ragers

Tue, 2020-07-07 08:59
Welcome to EURACTIV’s weekly Transport Brief – your one port of call for all the news moving the world and much more! In this edition: MEPs set a course for the EU's carbon market, airline bailouts keep coming and Europe's space agency unveils billions in new contracts.
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Europe’s need for an investment plan sustaining its future

Tue, 2020-07-07 07:48
The EU should to co-finance independent investments with equity in growth enterprises by guaranteeing public funding as pooled at EU level, write Christian Motzfeldt, Erika Mann and William Stevens.
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Rule of law a must before getting EU money, Jourova insists

Tue, 2020-07-07 06:49
European Union countries should only get money from the bloc's budget and the COVID-19 recovery fund if they have robust courts and safeguards against corruption, a top official said on Monday (6 July), a couched warning to Poland and Hungary, among others.
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