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Hungary banks on Balkan Stream to triple capacity of gas supply to Slovakia

Tue, 2020-06-02 13:50
Hungary will triple the capacity of a natural gas pipeline border interconnector towards Slovakia by 2024, enabling the pipeline to carry more than 5 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year, the foreign minister said on Tuesday (2 June).
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Africa and Europe need a new, win-win, migration deal

Tue, 2020-06-02 13:49
Despite the war in Libya and the coronavirus outbreak, irregular migration from North Africa towards the southern European shores remains inevitable. This could be mitigated by implementing pre-planned migration schemes and easier visa procedures, writes Mourad Teyeb
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Top EU diplomat slams Floyd death as ‘abuse of power’

Tue, 2020-06-02 13:29
Europe is "shocked and appalled" by the police killing of black suspect George Floyd in the United States, the EU's diplomatic chief said Tuesday (2 June), condemning an "abuse of power".
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Várhelyi: EU hopefuls to conform to bloc’s electoral expectations

Tue, 2020-06-02 13:23
Parties in Albania need to deliver a 'crucial' agreement on electoral reform, while North Macedonia's vote must leave sufficient time and possibilities for campaigning, the EU's enlargement chief Olivér Várhelyi said on Tuesday (2 June), outlining the priorities for the two EU hopefuls before accession talks can start.
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EU’s chief diplomat takes position against readmitting Russia to G7

Tue, 2020-06-02 11:29
EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell on Tuesday (2 June) rejected the idea floated by the White House over the weekend to reinvite Russia to this year’s G7 gathering hosted by the US. “The G7 cannot become G8 (…) until Russia...
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European Call: 3 solutions for climate and jobs

Tue, 2020-06-02 10:59
The European Green Deal is the best way to make the real changes Europe needs to be able to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, writes a group of 700 elected representatives and citizens from all sectors of civil society.
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European space dreams, Vestager compromises & carmaker chaos

Tue, 2020-06-02 08:55
In this week's edition: out of this world developments in space, the latest on the Lufthansa bailout saga and reactions to the EU's proposed €750bn virus recovery fund. This week's Transport Vlog looks at what the new draft budget means for planes, trains and more.
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SpaceX’s historic launch gives Europe pause for thought

Tue, 2020-06-02 08:48
Elon Musk’s company’s success in becoming the first private venture to launch humans into space prompted the head of Europe’s SpaceX-equivalent, Arianespace, to claim on Sunday (31 May) that his firm is capable of the same feat.
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Commission says new Single Market tax would target below 0.2% of turnover

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:51
A new corporate tax could raise €10 billion a year to help fund stimulus plans while amounting to less than 0.2% of turnover of large companies that benefit from the European Union's single market, the bloc's executive said on Monday (1 June).
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Politically-motivated crimes in Germany at second-highest level since 2001

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:43
Germany's number of politically-motivated crimes has increased significantly over the past year. Offences perpetrated by both the left and right wing have spiked. For the first time, crimes committed online were also included in the statistics. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Protests continue as Trump vows to bring in the military

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:35
President Donald Trump on Monday (1 June) vowed to use the US military to halt protests over the death of a black man in police custody, before law enforcement officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas to clear demonstrators and allow the president to walk to a church and pose for pictures.
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Hungary asks Finland to apologise over ‘false’ emergency law attack

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:29
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Italy launching its new COVID-19 app in four of its regions, Hungary demanding Finnish MEPs, media outlets and academics to apologise for having criticised Hungary's emergency law, and so much more.
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ZAGREB – Wind Park affair

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:27
According to unofficial information published by broadcaster N1, Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic, State Secretary Tugomir Majdak and Deputy Head of Andrej Plenković’s Office Tena Misetic are among the 49 witnesses who will be examined by the police’s anti-corruption office (PN...
Categories: EurActiv

UK proposes own carbon market, remains coy on link with EU ETS

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:27
The United Kingdom has put forward its own new UK-wide Emissions Trading System (ETS) to replace the European Union’s system for trading carbon emissions, which Britain will leave at the end of this year as the Brexit transition period ends.
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LJUBLJANA – Slovenia steps it up

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:26
Slovenia’s police will step up border controls from Tuesday to Friday, because of a higher number of migrants on the so-called Balkan route (mostly from Greece through North Macedonia, Albania and Serbia), following orders from state police chief Anton Travner,...
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SOFIA/BELGRADE : ‘Balkan Stream’ will work without problems

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:25
The Balkan Stream gas line would be useful for Serbia and Bulgaria, contributing to the diversification of regional supply and providing for competitive prices, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said at a joint press conference on Monday (1 June) with...
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BRATISLAVA – ‘State of emergency isn’t limiting anyone’

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:24
While Slovakia has one of the world’s lowest coronavirus-related mortality rates, as well as very few new cases in the past days, the government has announced the further easing of measures starting on Wednesday (3 June) with the state of...
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PRAGUE – Traffic lights for travelling abroad

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:23
The Czech government approved on Monday (1 June) so-called “traffic lights” for travelling abroad, in which all European countries have been divided into three groups marked with specific colours – red, amber and green – according to data gathered by...
Categories: EurActiv

ATHENS – Who can travel to Greece?

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:22
The ministry of foreign affairs has issued a statement saying that until 15 June, the rule still applies that all visitors, regardless of nationality, even Greeks coming from abroad, must be tested. If the result is negative (the day after)...
Categories: EurActiv

LISBON – New openings

Tue, 2020-06-02 06:21
Shopping centres, concert halls, cinemas, gymnasiums, swimming pools and shops reopened on Monday (1 June), ending the “civic duty of home collection” due to COVID-19, in the third phase of the deconfinement plan. The government announced the third phase of...
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