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Parliament refuses apology for suspended Greek officials

Fri, 2020-05-22 04:25
The European Parliament has refused to publish on its English website a press release acknowledging its mistake when it targeted three Greek officials of its Athens branch as part of an administrative inquiry launched in 2018. In early 2018, an...
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UN freedom of speech rapporteur must wear several hats, says Bulgarian candidate

Fri, 2020-05-22 04:25
Iveta Cherneva, a Bulgarian author who writes about security, politics, human rights, and sustainability, and a EURACTIV contributor, has been shortlisted for the position of the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of speech.
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WHO reports record virus cases as Trump mulls in-person G7

Thu, 2020-05-21 06:30
The World Health Organization has reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases, as US President Donald Trump proposed hosting world leaders for the annual G7 summit as a sign of "normalization."
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Heating electrification amplifies need for efficient buildings, experts say

Thu, 2020-05-21 06:03
Electrification is key to decarbonising the residential heating sector, but it needs to be done smartly, by using heat pumps flexibly in houses that are efficient enough to act as “thermal batteries,” experts argue.
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Poor countries need more than debt suspension, says Merkel

Wed, 2020-05-20 18:55
Rich countries should help the world's poorest survive the coronavirus pandemic by keeping up development aid and mulling relief measures that go beyond a moratorium on debt payments, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday (20 May).
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Barnier – Britain not automatically entitled to any trade benefits,

Wed, 2020-05-20 18:00
The European Union's Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said on Wednesday (20 May) that Britain was not automatically entitled to any benefits that the bloc had previously granted to other partners on trade.
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UK accepts customs checks in plans for Northern Ireland protocol

Wed, 2020-05-20 16:40
The UK has accepted that there will be new checks on some goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, according to the plans it set out on Wednesday (20 May) to implement the controversial protocol on the province
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German cabinet agrees to a CO2 price of €25 from January 2021

Wed, 2020-05-20 16:14
Germany's cabinet agreed on Wednesday (20 May) on changes to the climate package launched last September, and it is now certain that from January 2021, a price of 25 euros per tonne of CO2 will apply in all sectors in Germany. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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New food policy to triple amount of agricultural land farmed organically by 2030

Wed, 2020-05-20 16:04
The EU's Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy has targeted 25% of agricultural land in the EU being organically farming by 2030, a three fold increase.
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Commission defends gradual return to fiscal discipline to avoid ‘mistakes’ of austerity

Wed, 2020-05-20 15:41
The European Commission could start controlling deficit and debt levels from next year, once the recession is over. But the road to balancing public accounts again will avoid the “mistakes” of the last crisis, the institution said on Wednesday (20 May). 
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Virus-hit Air France scraps super-jumbos immediately

Wed, 2020-05-20 15:35
Air France announced on Wednesday (20 May) that it would ground its fleet of A380 super-jumbos two years ahead of schedule, in response to ongoing disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
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The Brief – Keep the goods flowing

Wed, 2020-05-20 14:58
Keeping the trade flowing. It sounds simple enough but it is vital if Europe, and the wider world economy is to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday (20 May), the World Trade Organisation (WTO) said that its goods trade...
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Food security again under EU spotlight in the wake of COVID-19 crisis

Wed, 2020-05-20 14:56
The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the EU's new food policy, as the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), presented on Wednesday (20 May), demonstrated a renewed interest in food security to ensure the supply during crises of any nature.
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Annexations in the West Bank: Europeans need to punch their weight

Wed, 2020-05-20 14:47
Last week, EU foreign ministers emphasised that the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains one of the Union’s strategic interests and that they discourage possible steps towards annexations. In this vein, the EU and its member states should send a clear signal, Muriel Asseburg and Peter Lintl argue.
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Farm to Fork strategy aims to slash pesticide use and risk by half

Wed, 2020-05-20 14:30
The long-awaited EU Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy published on Wednesday (20 May) unveiled a highly anticipated 50% target for the reduction of pesticide use and risk.
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Commission upholds highly ambitious targets to transform EU food system

Wed, 2020-05-20 13:57
After several delays, the EU's new flagship food policy was finally released on Wednesday (20 May), confirming the aspiration of the EU executive to transform the European way of producing, distributing and consuming food.
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Commission warns against the risk of the COVID19 becoming a social crisis

Wed, 2020-05-20 13:05
The economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic has hit the European economy hard, but not equally across all countries and sectors, and the fragmentation could lead to a social crisis, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit warned on Wednesday (20 May). 
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Brussels bares teeth with launch of new biodiversity plan

Wed, 2020-05-20 12:08
The European Commission is getting tough on biodiversity with a new set of “nature restoration targets” announced for publication next year, which the EU executive says will be strictly enforced.
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‘Frugal Four’ working on counter-proposal to Franco-German recovery fund

Wed, 2020-05-20 12:02
The €500 billion Franco-German EU recovery plan, presented on Monday (18 May), is too generous, according to the "Frugal Four" countries, who are working on a counter-proposal insisting on loans instead of grants and subsidies, diplomatic circles confirmed to EURACTIV Germany.
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Forests are crucial for building resilience in a post COVID-19 world

Wed, 2020-05-20 11:30
The Commission's new Biodiversity Strategy shows how forests are crucial for building resilience in a post COVID-19 world, writes Giulia Bondi.
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