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EU gives green light – with caveats – to French publisher takeover

Mon, 2023-06-12 12:07
The European Commission approved French multimedia conglomerate Vivendi's acquisition of publisher Lagardère, with some conditions to prevent market concentration.
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NATO ministers to meet defence manufacturers amid capacity woes

Mon, 2023-06-12 11:30
NATO defence ministers are expected to meet with the heads of 25 major Western defence companies on Thursday (15 June), EURACTIV has learnt, as efforts to ramp up ammunition production continue.
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Ukraine looks for fighter jet coalition, repair hubs in Ramstein talks

Mon, 2023-06-12 11:30
Kyiv and its Western allies will look to discuss later this week the details of a potential 'fighter jet coalition', the training of Ukrainian pilots, and the opening of repair hubs for Western military equipment, Ukraine's Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said on Monday (12 June).
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Europe needs both nature restoration and renewables deployment

Mon, 2023-06-12 10:30
Can we achieve the Green Deal without protecting nature?  Simply put, no - it is as central to the energy strategy as it is to meeting environmental goals, write Noor Yafai and Kristian Ruby.
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Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s ex-prime minister and media mogul, dies at 86

Mon, 2023-06-12 10:07
Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a billionaire businessman who created Italy's largest media company before transforming the political landscape, died on Monday (12 June) aged 86.
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Biodiversity offsets under fire as EU updates green finance taxonomy

Mon, 2023-06-12 09:32
The European Commission is expected to publish an update of its sustainable finance taxonomy on Tuesday (13 June), setting the stage for a showdown with green activists over biodiversity offsetting projects meant to compensate for the environmental damage caused by human activity.
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MEPs mull obligations for online marketplaces in upcoming cybersecurity law

Mon, 2023-06-12 08:41
Requirements for online marketplaces, the scope of the cybersecurity regulation and provisions on critical and highly critical products, among others, are set to be discussed in the European Parliament on Tuesday (13 June). The Cyber Resilience Act is a legislative...
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EU considering major Tunisia aid package as migration surges

Mon, 2023-06-12 07:01
The European Union said on Sunday (11 June) it may loan Tunisia over €1 billion to help develop its battered economy, rescue state finances and deal with a migration crisis, with most funds contingent on it agreeing economic reforms.
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Billionaire George Soros hands control of empire to son Alex

Mon, 2023-06-12 06:40
Billionaire financier George Soros is handing control of his massive empire to his son Alexander, a Soros spokesperson said on Sunday (11 June).
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Russia arrests US citizen on drug dealing charges

Mon, 2023-06-12 06:01
A US musician and former paratrooper has been arrested in Moscow on drug dealing charges and his court appearance, locked in a metal cage, has been shown on Russian state television.
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Poland to build coalition against EU migration pact

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:46
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Finnish Greens broadening their political agenda by leaning right, Macron calling on Iran to end support to Russia in the war against Ukraine, and so much more.
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No pause in sight as ECB eyes next rate hike

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:45
The European Central Bank will almost certainly deliver another interest rate hike on Thursday (15 June), pressing ahead with its fight against inflation even as the eurozone slides into a recession.
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Ukraine says it retakes village in ‘first results’ of counterattack

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:44
Ukraine said on Sunday (11 June) its troops had made territorial advances on three villages in its southeast, the first liberated settlements it has reported since launching a counter-offensive this past week.
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Agrifood Podcast: EU-Ukraine agri-trade & Indonesian minister talks palm oil

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:35
This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team talks you through the EU’s decision to extend trade restrictions on select agricultural commodities coming from Ukraine and why this has proven controversial on both sides, and Gerardo Fortuna, together with EURACTIV’s very own Transport Editor...
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Kazakhstan and the world’s big powers: A return to the ‘Great Game’?

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:34
The process of Kazakhstan taking distance from Russia is accompanied by big efforts by China for further rapprochement with the Central Asian country, which should signal to the EU and the US that they should bring the country westward, writes Harun Karčić.
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Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Queen of Scots’ turns financial crimes suspect

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:32
Nicola Sturgeon kicked off the year with the vow that she still had "plenty in the tank" after eight years as Scotland's leader, only to quit her role shortly after.
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Pristina opens up on Albania’s Serb association plan

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:32
After remaining tight-lipped, the European Commission and the Kosovo government have started to open up about the draft for the Association of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo, presented by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama last week with a meeting set to...
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Kurti: Removal of criminal gangs from north Kosovo only way forward

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:31
On the 24th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Serbian military from Kosovo, Prime Minister Albin Kurti reiterated that the only way to ensure peace in the country and with neighbouring Serbia is to ensure the removal of criminal gangs...
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Demonstrators to block Serbia if demands are not met

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:31
The anti-government “Serbia against violence” show no sign of abating, with organisers threatening to block highways and large roads around the country if their demands are not met by the end of the week. One of the demands, the cancellation...
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Pro-Russian nationalist party sabotage ‘Sofia Pride’ film screening

Mon, 2023-06-12 05:23
Nationalists from the Vazrazhdane party invaded a cinema in Sofia on Saturday night and sabotaged a film screening from the “Sofia Pride Film Fest” program, According to the organisers, the protesters insulted and threatened the audience in the cinema lobby...
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