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The Brief, powered by EURIMA – The Juncker Commission leftover

Mon, 2019-07-08 14:48
Leftovers are, by their very nature, often overlooked and forgotten. Let’s not forget this one. The outgoing European Parliament passed last March a resolution calling, among other things, on the next Commission to review the controversial appointment of Martin Selmayr as secretary-general of the EU executive.
Categories: EurActiv

Iran makes new nuclear threats that would reverse steps in pact

Mon, 2019-07-08 13:57
Iran threatened on Monday (8 July) to restart deactivated centrifuges and ramp up its enrichment of uranium to 20% purity as its next potential big moves away from a 2015 nuclear agreement that Washington abandoned last year. The threats, made...
Categories: EurActiv

The digital industry must become greener [Promoted content]

Mon, 2019-07-08 10:00
5G will allow the ICT sector to reduce its energy use, and innovate more to help other sectors reduce CO2 emissions, writes Detlef Eckert, Huawei’s Global Policy Affairs Vice-President.
Categories: EurActiv

Bulgaria and North Macedonia assume joint presidency of Berlin Process

Mon, 2019-07-08 09:52
An unusual decision for two countries - a EU member and a candidate country - to jointly host the Presidency of the so-called Berlin Process for the Western Balkan countries was taken last week in the Polish city of Poznań.
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EU urges Iran to halt further measures undermining nuclear deal

Mon, 2019-07-08 07:11
The European Union on Sunday (7 July) strongly urged Iran to stop actions that would undermine a landmark 2015 nuclear deal, saying it was in touch with other parties to the deal and may set up a joint commission to look into the issue.
Categories: EurActiv

German conservative boss warns coalition partners on Europe

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:55
The woman in pole position to succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor warned her junior coalition partners against blocking the appointment of a German to head the European Commission, saying this would put their coalition under "maximum strain".
Categories: EurActiv

Trump administration ‘uniquely dysfunctional’, says UK ambassador to US

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:49
Britain’s ambassador to the United States described President Donald Trump’s administration as “dysfunctional”, “clumsy” and “inept”, the Mail on Sunday newspaper reported, citing a series of confidential memos.
Categories: EurActiv

Chizhov: Washington chose to act unilaterally to abrogate nuclear arms treaty

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:40
In a wide-ranging interview, Russia's Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov, speaks about nuclear arms control, the EU elections and top jobs, the situation in Ukraine, including the MH17, and America's bid to challenge Russian gas.
Categories: EurActiv

Central Asia ministerial welcomes the EU’s new strategy for the region

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:38
Gathered in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, on Sunday (7 July), the Foreign Ministers of the five Central Asian countries welcomed the new EU Strategy on Central Asia recently adopted by the EU.
Categories: EurActiv

Mitsotakis, Greece’s pro-business ‘steamroller’

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:38
Greece's incoming prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is a hard-nosed reformer from a conservative political dynasty with controversial civil service job cuts on his resume.
Categories: EurActiv

Malta to relocate 65 migrants after rescue ships defy Italy ban

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:36
Malta's prime minister said Sunday (7 July) his country would relocate to other EU nations 65 migrants from the Alan Kurdi rescue ship, after two other boats defied efforts to stop them landing in neighbouring Italy.
Categories: EurActiv

Greek voters kick neo-Nazis out of parliament

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:35
The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV’s media network.
Categories: EurActiv

What is the Eastern Partnership and what it’s not

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:30
Georgia intends to continue on its path to EU membership and wants to use all available opportunities and instruments to achieve this self-proclaimed objective, writes David Zalkaliani.
Categories: EurActiv

Four things we learned from the Greek election

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:30
Greece’s conservative New Democracy party on Sunday (7 July) returned to power after over four years in opposition, ousting leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Here are four things we have learned from the 2019 Greek general election: Return of two-party...
Categories: EurActiv

Ukraine has found a home in the European family of nations

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:25
As President Voldymyr Zelenskiy host on Monday (8 July) his first Ukraine-EU summit, a partnership forged in adversity continues to go from strength to strength, writes Alexey Perevezentsev.
Categories: EurActiv

Conservatives sweep Greek vote, oust leftist Syriza

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:07
The conservative New Democracy party triumphed in the Greek national elections on Sunday (7 July), ousting leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras from government.
Categories: EurActiv

US call for Syria troops divides German coalition

Mon, 2019-07-08 06:06
Discord broke out in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition Sunday (7 July), after the United States urged the country to send ground troops to Syria as Washington looks to withdraw from the region.
Categories: EurActiv

The EU must finally tackle Japan on whale industry

Mon, 2019-07-08 05:11
As Japan quits the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (IWC) to resume commercial whaling, Joanna Swabe and Matthew Collis urge the European Commission to put pressure on Europe's trading partner to stop killing cetaceans and undermining international law.
Categories: EurActiv

Building circular and climate-neutral buildings for Europe [Promoted content]

Mon, 2019-07-08 05:00
The circular economy will be an essential building block of a climate-neutral Europe. This can’t be achieved without focusing on the built environment. For this, the EU needs to confirm its commitment to provide direction and a predictable business environment against the 2050 horizon.
Categories: EurActiv

The Brief – The EU’s undiplomatic diplomat

Fri, 2019-07-05 14:43
He was probably the most surprising – and arguably the most controversial - pick of the whole EU top job package: Joseph Borrell, Spain’s incumbent foreign minister.
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