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Hungarian MEP volunteers to fight coronavirus on the frontline

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:56
Renew Europe MEP Katalin Cseh, a medical doctor by training, has answered the call for volunteers launched by the Hungarian ministry of human resources facing a serious lack of healthcare workers.
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Spain distributes rapid coronavirus testing kits to ‘hotspots’

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:31
In today's edition from the Capitals, find out more about Austria prolonging its public life restriction measures and about how Slovakia's government dismissed the chief rejection of the State Reserve chief for overpricing public procurement of healthcare materials related to COVID-19, and so much more.
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BELGRADE – Lajčák appointed in April?

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:30
Slovakia’s Miroslav Lajčák will be appointed as the new EU envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and the Western Balkans, BETA news agency heard from EU sources. Foreign ministers might also recommend the opening of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and...
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BUDAPEST – Opposition rejects Orbán plan

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:29
Opposition MPs voted against considering the law that would keep the state of emergency decrees in force indefinitely until the end of the emergency. “If opposition MPs do not vote to extend the emergency, we will solve the crisis without...
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WARSAW – Row over elections

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:27
As the number of cases reached a total of 749 and the eighth person died on Monday, the date of the country’s presidential elections due to take place in May is causing quite the stir. While the opposition wants elections...
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BRUSSELS – Mask stocks destroyed without replacement? 

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:24
A stock of around 6 million FFP2 type face masks purchased at the time of the A/H1N1 flu was destroyed last year on behalf of the Belgian government after the masks had exceeded their expiration date, Le Vif found. According to the...
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MADRID – Distribution of rapid testing kits

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:23
Spain began distributing rapid testing kits on Monday (23 March) in a bid to speed up diagnoses in the most exposed and vulnerable sectors of society, as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise.  The first of these kits...
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F1 to join coronavirus fight as races are scrapped

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:14
Global motorsport Formula One is on hiatus because of the coronavirus outbreak but its best and brightest engineers are not: a new plan aims to harness their manufacturing know-how to build life-saving ventilators.
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Commission hits out at online COVID-19 scams

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:12
The European Commission has rebuked online platforms including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay for the alleged "proliferation of deceptive marketing techniques" that exploit consumers' fear of Coronavirus for economic gain.
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‘NEETs’: A youth group at high risk of poverty and exclusion

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:10
Education and skills gaps are not only a challenge for businesses seeking to recruit, they also make poverty and social exclusion more likely among young people who are excluded from labour and education at the same time. 
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The Commission’s Eastern Partnership strategy is disappointing

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:07
Distance should not be a criterion: Georgia is better prepared for EU membership than the frontrunners of the Western Balkans, writes Andrius Kubilius.
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Croatia handles earthquake damage amid COVID-19 outbreak

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:04
The Croatian government is struggling to mitigate the damage caused by a 5.5 Richter-scale earthquake on Sunday (22 March) and simultaneously, protect citizens from the coronavirus outbreak. EURACTIV Croatia reports.
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Spain lauds the medics on the front line of coronavirus crisis

Tue, 2020-03-24 07:01
Spain paid tribute on Monday (23 March) to front-line staff battling a worsening coronavirus outbreak that has infected nearly 4,000 health workers, who make up more than a tenth of known cases in the country.
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Italy’s coronavirus deaths slow, offering glimmer of hope

Tue, 2020-03-24 06:47
The death toll from an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy was of 602 on Monday (23 March), the smallest increase for four days, while the number of new cases also slowed, raising hope that the most aggressive phase of the epidemic may be passing.
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Misguided ‘solution’ to terrorist content will have bad consequences for our rights

Tue, 2020-03-24 06:45
One year ago, on 15 March, 2019, a terrorist entered a Christchurch mosque, murdering more than fifty people. Beyond the atrocity of such a hate crime, it hit the whole world for two reasons. First, it happened in New Zealand, which had been considered a peaceful corner of the world. Second, the massacre was broadcast by the terrorist through Facebook live.
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Elite hackers target WHO as coronavirus cyberattacks spike

Tue, 2020-03-24 06:45
Elite hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier this month, sources told Reuters, part of what a senior agency official said was a more than two-fold increase in cyberattacks.
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EU countries warn of ‘severe economic downturn’, suspend Stability Pact

Tue, 2020-03-24 06:45
EU member states took the unprecedented decision to suspend the Stability and Growth Pact obligations on Monday (23 March), in order to allow billions of euros in extra spending to mitigate the "severe economic downturn" caused by the coronavirus.
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First death of coronavirus reported in EU institutions

Tue, 2020-03-24 06:43
A 41-years-old external contractor working at the European Parliament has died on Sunday (22 March) from respiratory complications after he contracted the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the institution confirmed yesterday (23 March).
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Georgia’s furious fight against COVID-19

Tue, 2020-03-24 06:34
Since reporting its first case of coronavirus on 26 February, Georgia has had only 61 confirmed cases of the virus as of 23 March. With 3,320 people placed in mandatory quarantines, the Caucasian country is being lauded as a success story in the global fight against the pandemic.
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Probiotics needs in the European market [Promoted content]

Tue, 2020-03-24 06:00
The majority of consumers already know what probiotics are and they are actively looking for it, but they can find only the products from outside Europe that are offered on e-commerce
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