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European insurers fear sanctions coming down Nord Stream 2 pipe

Thu, 2021-12-02 05:03
A simmering threat of sanctions against the operator of the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline risks shutting off cover from European insurers for the politically-sensitive project to bring Russian gas directly to Germany.
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France debates merger that would lead to media colossus

Wed, 2021-12-01 18:24
The announcement that France's two leading television groups, TF1 and M6, would merge to face US giants like Netflix or Amazon Prime is raising major concerns about competition and media ownership being concentrated among just a few players in the country. EURACTIV France reports.
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The Brief, powered by ELF — Times have never been better for EU reform

Wed, 2021-12-01 15:45
There has never been a better time to push for European integration. With pro-European governments in France, Italy and Germany, reform of the bloc seems to be within reach – for the first time in years.  The shift is especially...
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Time to ‘think about mandatory vaccination’: EU chief

Wed, 2021-12-01 15:26
It is time for the European Union to "think about mandatory vaccination" against Covid, European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday (1 December), while stressing member state governments would decide.
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MEPs attack Commission for proposal to ease migration rules over Belarus crisis

Wed, 2021-12-01 15:24
The European Union executive proposed on Wednesday (1 December) temporarily looser asylum rules, allowing Poland and its two Baltic neighbours, Lithuania and Latvia, to handle migrants pushed by Belarus to their shared border, but the proposal angered EU lawmakers and rights groups.
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Stability in the Mediterranean region will bring stability to Europe [Promoted content]

Wed, 2021-12-01 15:00
Stability in the Mediterranean region will bring stability to Europe. It is time to continue to strengthen dialogue with a stronger commitment of partnership and cooperation. We do share the same challenges. Only together, can we mutually seize the same opportunities.
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Russia has ‘no right’ to establish a sphere of influence, NATO chief says

Wed, 2021-12-01 15:00
Tensions over Ukraine escalated on Wednesday (1 December) after Russia’ demanded ‘guarantees’ from NATO that the military alliance would not expand to Europe’s East. In a joint session with their Georgian and Ukrainian counterparts, NATO foreign ministers meeting in Riga,...
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Omicron variant: Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, says von der Leyen

Wed, 2021-12-01 14:52
Although more research is needed into the COVID-19 Omicron variant, Europe knows "enough to be concerned," according to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.
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Lithium from German geothermal plants could supply a million electric vehicles a year from 2025

Wed, 2021-12-01 14:31
Batteries made with zero-emission lithium from geothermal plants in Germany could power one million vehicles per year by the mid-2020s, according to Vulcan Energy, a company setting out to produce climate neutral lithium in Europe.
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How the EU law on online services wants to restore trust in the digital sphere

Wed, 2021-12-01 14:24
The general approach to the Digital Services Act (DSA) has been one of the major achievements of the Slovenian Presidency and on 25 November, EU ministers unanimously adopted the mandate to initiate the interinstitutional negotiations on it. The agreement was reached just 11 months after the presentation of the proposal under the leadership of the Slovenian Presidency.
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Media Partnership: Healthy soils for sustainable agriculture

Wed, 2021-12-01 14:05
You can watch and find out about healthy soils for sustainable agriculture. Prof. Ettore Capri from the OPERA research center, had the privilege of inviting policymakers, academia, industry and civil society to join us in a lively debate moderated by EURACTIV.
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Renewable energy has ‘another record year of growth’, says IEA

Wed, 2021-12-01 13:27
It has been another record year for renewable energy, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and rising costs for raw materials around the world, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). EURACTIV's media partner, The Guardian Environment, reports.
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EU unveils €300bn global investment scheme as part of the West’s response to China

Wed, 2021-12-01 12:54
The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (1 December) a plan to invest €300 billion by 2027 in infrastructure, digital and climate projects around the world to strengthen Europe's supply chains, boost EU trade and help fight climate change.
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Timmermans: Gene editing ‘clear part’ of sustainability action in agrifood

Wed, 2021-12-01 12:38
European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans added his voice to the growing list of those in the EU executive advocating for gene editing, a move condemned by campaigners who accuse the Commission of already making their mind up on the technology.
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Sustainable Packaging: Why the PPWD’s Vision is Incomplete [Promoted content]

Wed, 2021-12-01 11:00
Going green is not a new phase in the world of sustainable packaging, it’s a necessity. In the case of sustainable packaging, it has and can make its contribution to climate change mitigation, and at the EU level, to achieving the goals of the very ambitious European Green Deal of climate neutrality.
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Energy efficiency law ‘too ambitious’ for some EU member states

Wed, 2021-12-01 10:42
Just four months after the European Commission tabled its revised Energy Efficiency Directive, campaigners said they were “extremely worried” about attempts by some EU countries to dilute the proposal.
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Data governance: new EU law for data-sharing adopted

Wed, 2021-12-01 10:04
EU co-legislators found a middle ground on the Data Governance Act (DGA) by adopting new rules for data sharing, marking the first step of the European data strategy.
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An ever closer union can be a multi-speed one

Wed, 2021-12-01 09:41
The proposals made at the Conference on the Future of Europe for a fiscal union, veto-free EU decision making in foreign affairs, and transnational lists will need backing by civil society if they are to succeed, according to the newly elected president of the Young European Federalists.
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EU calls on China to show proof of tennis star’s wellbeing

Wed, 2021-12-01 08:50
The European Union called on Beijing on Tuesday (30 November) to show proof of the wellbeing of tennis star Peng Shuai, adding its voice to international concern about her fate since she alleged sexual assault by a former top Chinese official.
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ESG Book aims to ‘disrupt’ sustainability sector with free data

Wed, 2021-12-01 08:05
HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Swiss Re have thrown their support behind ESG Book, a new environment, social and governance (ESG) data platform launched on Wednesday (1 December) to 'disrupt' the market with a free "public good" service for companies and investors.
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