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Putin attacks ‘strange’ European plans to reduce gas usage

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:50
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday (20 November) rubbished European calls to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, saying that such ideas could lead to humans living in caves again.
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Ex Slovenian PM: Orban’s ‘most successful’ EPP party should not be punished

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:50
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Slovenia's PM supporting Orban's Fidesz to stay in the EPP Donald Tusk becoming the EPP's new president, some member states having troubles with the EU's budget, and so much more. The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV’s media network.
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Georgia’s parliament chief: We urge the opposition to be constructive

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:45
In an exclusive interview, the speaker of the Georgian parliament Archil Talakvadze explains the ideas to change the country’s electoral system, why the recent vote wasn’t successful, and the way forward, excluding early elections, as demanded by the opposition. Archil...
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Italy’s young farmers: Networking to make revenues

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:45
The number of young people entering the agriculture sector is increasing, but there are many problems to be addressed. Networking is a good way to overcome them. EURACTIV's partner Agronotizie reports.
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Future of Eastern Partnership: EPP backs trio plan, Commission cautious

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:31
The European People's Party (EPP) has presented a proposal to enable faster and deeper sectoral integration with the EU for the three countries within the Eastern Partnership (EaP) -- Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova -- that are looking for a more ambitious integration with the bloc.
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Tusk vows to fight populism, elected new EPP chief

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:30
Outgoing EU Council president Donald Tusk pledged Wednesday (20 November)  to fight political populism as he was elected leader of Europe's main conservative parties during their group meeting in Croatia.
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NATO braces for the new space age

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:17
NATO foreign ministers have formally recognised outer space as the fifth military frontier alongside air, land, sea and cyber on Wednesday (20 November), in response to growing concerns over protecting satellite and navigation assets from enemy interference.
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Sondland implicates Trump in explosive impeachment testimony

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:12
The ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland directly implicated President Donald Trump Wednesday (20 November) in a scheme to force Ukraine to probe a political rival, in bombshell testimony to a televised impeachment hearing.
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EU concerned over France, Italy and Spain debts

Thu, 2019-11-21 07:02
Reduction of public debt should be the main priority for France, Italy, and Spain, which have "failed to put their finances in order" during the economic upswing of recent years, the European Commission warned on Wednesday (20 November) at the presentation of the autumn fiscal package.
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Greece: Turkey needs to end ‘blackmail’ for migrant aid

Thu, 2019-11-21 06:52
Greece's migration minister said that Turkey needs to stop "blackmail" if it wants more EU aid, saying its loaded language had prompted a spike in movement toward Greek shores.
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Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit

Thu, 2019-11-21 06:35
The world’s nations are on track to produce more than twice as much coal, oil and gas as can be burned by 2030 while restricting rise in the global temperature to 1.5C, analysis shows. EURACTIV's media partner, The Guardian, reports.
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The Brief, powered by CEPI – The permanent non-campaign

Wed, 2019-11-20 15:44
What do you call a political party that is not allowed to campaign? The answer: European. It sounds and, indeed, is counterintuitive but that is the strait-jacket that the pan-European political parties find themselves trapped in.
Categories: EurActiv

Does Germany depend too much on China?

Wed, 2019-11-20 15:13
While US President Donald Trump is taking aggressive action against China's trade policy, the German government is reluctant to comment on the recent events in Hong Kong because the German economy needs China. EURACTIV's partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Categories: EurActiv

EU transport decarbonisation: What’s the cost?

Wed, 2019-11-20 14:20
A study by Farm Europe has recently suggested that the current 10-year National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) drafted by EU member states risk being ineffective because they lack a calculation method on the cost-effectiveness of the proposals.
Categories: EurActiv

Far-right terrorism has more than tripled over last four years, report warns

Wed, 2019-11-20 12:07
Although terrorism-related deaths saw a downward trend for the fourth consecutive year in 2018, widespread activity among right-wing terrorist groups has become a particular cause of concern, according to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) of 2019 published on Wednesday (20...
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Hazards ahead: Electric cars face battery recycling hurdles in Europe

Wed, 2019-11-20 11:55
European recyclers have called for changes to EU regulations on hazardous metals and waste shipment that “sometimes stand in the way” of a fully European electric car manufacturing value chain.
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European Political Parties and Foundations: The ’tissue’ that connects?

Wed, 2019-11-20 11:35
To the average European citizen, the political groups in the European Parliament, which help shape EU-wide legislation, are a vaguely familiar concept. But there is much less knowledge of the European political parties (as opposed to groups) and the think-tanks...
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Study: No EU country has calculated transport decarbonisation costs

Wed, 2019-11-20 11:20
The EU risks missing its target to decarbonise transport by 2030, as in the current draft plans of member states, there is no cost-effectiveness calculation of the different proposed measures, a study has found.
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Pascal Canfin MEP: Time to declare climate emergency in Europe

Wed, 2019-11-20 10:00
The MEP chairing the European Parliament’s environment committee has called on the Assembly to declare climate emergency at the next plenary session in November. "It would be important to do it at that time," he told EURACTIV in a wide-ranging interview.
Categories: EurActiv

Amid NATO tensions, Estonian President highlights Russia risk

Wed, 2019-11-20 07:50
NATO should be ready to defend Estonia should the country face risks emanating from its neighbour Russia, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid has told EURACTIV. Her comments came following French President Macron's recent claim that the alliance is 'brain dead.'
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